Drum Can Girl

Nessa was diligently working on her potions when suddenly she heard the melancholic voice of a maiden. Her head popped up like a startled meerkat and peered around.
When she spotted the drum can floating by her shoulder she had the urge to squeak in surprise and bolt to the nearest corner, but she stayed.
So this was where the voice was coming from...
Nessa recognized the drum can, she had seen her around the guild on a few occasions, but never remembered conversing with her. If her memory served her properly then her name was Cecilia Alcott.
Even odder than that, the can spoke to Nessa as if she were an old friend. Nessa wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but the drum can spoke so sadly that she was persuaded to help.
Her insides ached at the voice’s depressed tone. She sat and listened intently about the boy trouble with a tender expression. Though it was a little difficult to see, she could tell from the can’s body language that she was not just a hunk of metal. She was a sensitive girl with complex feelings.
Once the voice was finished airing out her issues Nessa thought about the best possible advice for the situation. She had never really been in a similar spot as her heart had never been stolen.
“You shouldn’t really worry about what he thinks of you so much Drum Can Girl... You need to know that he doesn’t make you who you are, you are your own amazing person.”
Nessa smiled at the can sweetly, “You can like Falaranion, but don’t let that change you. If it turns out that he isn’t the one, there will be someone else who loves you for who you are.”
The potion girl reached to the top of the cylinder with her hand and stroked it gently. “I don’t think it matters to you anyway... But you are the most beautiful drum can I have ever seen”

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