Body Massage

"H-huh? The closet is wh-"

Ansette didn't really have much of a choice in the matter as she was quite easily flung from where she was sitting. Sometimes she forgot how much energy and strength was packed into the small being that was Mavis Vermillion.

"W-wait Mav-no not there!"

Perhaps it was a good thing that her really, really, really (x10) good friend Mavis had chosen to slam them in a closet. It certainly made it easier for Ansette to be the recipient to a very thorough body massage.

"Ah…h-hey! I can take that off myself!"

Well, it wasn't perfect, because she couldn't lie down or something to fully relax, but it was pretty good regardless. Never had she been closer to her favourite warmth source! Alone, in a dark closet…maybe all the closets in the guild would need to be soundproofed.

"Ow! Mavis, b-be more careful! I'm still sore there," she groaned, wincing after Mavis brushed one of the many bruises she'd decided she could live with from the past week, marring her pale smooth skin with light purple marks.

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