Holly Camelot Returns! And Amber's Girl Talk with Honolulu (Joining Zenpai!)

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Holly Camelot had came back after a long trip away from the guild. It wasn't like she chose to be that far away, her duties to Princess Amber were absolute and she never wanted to be sent off in first place (long story Zen, but Amber's actually a princess from another country who ran away. Holly is her bodyguard, like Impa and Zelda).

Amber had tricked her, in taking on a quest as a proof of loyalty in protecting her. Holly had been eager to show that she is faithful to her one and only princess and obliged, but it was when Amber shoved her on a train to god knows where did Holly realize this was a scam! There were no missions, it was a one-way ticket to some far off edge of Fiore.

"Why that dirty little princess, she's been corrupted by the outside world, by these people she calls friends," Holly scowled as she had entered through the main entrance of Magnolia city. A lot of people were staring at her, because she had all these leaves and twigs caught in her hair (got it from you Sairento XP). She wanted to spend the night and wash up, but protecting the princess was important, or giving her a royal spanking was the top thing on her to do list.

"She may be my princess, the future queen of the country," Holly mumbled, her fire flaring up even greater, "but i will not tolerate her to stoop this low and trick me. I'll get even with her!"

In front of Esthe was another young female probably using this alley as a shortcut. The woman's hair was short and showed off the peachy colors of her neck. Esthe slowly walked up to the female, *Just a nibble? It won't hurt her right...* The second voice blabbed within Esthe's head. *Take a bite of that nice.. pink ne-*

"What? Who's there?" Holly snapped and pulled out her magical bow and arrow. She was a mean shot, and was already aiming for some guy's crotch if there was a guy trying to flirt with her. She perked her cat ears to listen to sound and swung her tail around like a mad cat.

But all she saw was this weird girl staring at her (that's you Zenpai). "Whm, who are you? What do you want" Holly demanded, bow drawn at full length.

Esthe shook her head out of the trance. The female would turn around and look up at Esthe who was very tall for a woman. Esthe's face turned red before she covered her mouth and booked it out of the alley. She ran past a massive build with massive logo on it. She was rather curious of everything being so large so she wanted to check it out. Esthe walked up to the massive double doors to peek inside the building.

"Who was she?" Holly wondered. The way the girl stared at her felt scary, but it wasn't that bad. Was she having a crush on Holly? but she just got back here to Magnolia, and she wasn't even familiar with the people in the guild her pricness calls friends. A stalker, she wondered. Before she could figure it out, the girl ran off and left Holly Alone. Being a cat and being too curious, she followed, "Wonder what is up with her."

Holly tracked after this strange girl to the back of a bakery shop. She may not have been in Magnolia for long, but this shop she recognized that sold very delicious bagels and pretzels. it went great with beer she believed after a long day of protecting Princess Amber.

The archer girl approached the one who was staring at her and went, "Who are you, what do you want?" Holly waited, but she only saw that girl walk into the double doors of the bakery, "Oh, are you hungry? Is that is?"

Holly gave the girl a look over. She didn't look rich, maybe she was travelling and lost her money. Maybe she was hoping to ask Holly to borrow some jewels (fairy tail currency) to buy something to eat. Deep down, the archer felt bad all of a sudden. "If you're lost and hungry why don't you say so," she muttered, approaching the girl, "Just ask, or else people will misunderstand you."

The archer gave the girl a small pat on the shoulder and smiled, "My name is Holly Camelot. I'm part of the Fairy Tail Guild here," she then looked at the girl to say, "Who are you? Where are you from? And why is your face so red?

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------------ AMBER'S POV

“Amber. You should be more considerate of your boyfriend’s frustrations. Do you know how many nights I seem him, doing it by himself in the halls.”


“Yeah, yeah. He gets so lonely, he walks up and down the stairs to vent off the bottle up frustration. You should have seen him in the kitchen, he really went to town there.”


“Oh. Did I mention how I caught him asking Mint Bell to help him sate his desire.”


“Poor girl just up and said ‘Sorry. I’m not very good at grooming your hair. Maybe you should have Amber to do it for you’…is what she said with the sweetest of smiles.”

“And that poor look on his face when he begged Mint Bell to help comb his fur, ah it was priceless how he was so close to tears.”

If that was the case… what did Honolulu Coralheart meant by ‘done it, in private?’.

“Brushing each other’s hair of course. Why, were you thinking of something naughty?”

Amber was a whirlwind of emotions the entire time. She first had her face explode pure red, then confused, and then down right horny yet disgusted a the same time (hey a girl has her urges XP). Just hearing Honolulu making all those suggestive things about her boyfriend gave her the creeps, but she couldn't help feeling her hear racing.

Then she up and went, April fools when she dropped the bombshell of just combing Tobi's fur. He was a shapeshifter, so naturally he had animal fur all over him. Honestly, she never tried to comb him, she was scared if he didn't like her stepping on his privacy. not to mention, someone like him would have their own grooming ritual.

But for Honolulu to make it sound like the couple didn't step things up a bit, that was an insult. So Amber took the words of a full moon to heart and threw a pillow at Honolulu's face.

"What the hell, Lulu?" she snapped, both emberassed and spiteful, "Tobi and I get along fine, we don't need to do intimate stuff like a husband and wife does, no!" Amber ended up rubbing on her eyepatch, a bad habit of hers when under stress, "We could totally make each other happy with just body massages, you know like the Guild Master and her lover! We don't need to, you know, do that."

Amber tried to made it clear for Honolulu, that they aren't going to do the adult stuff. Their bond was special, as much as they want to be intimate, they don't want to rely on animal passion. Although, Amber had been frustrated herself lately, and maybe Tobi was feeling the same. She thought about asking if she could groom him to calm him down, but what could he do to calm her down?

"Oh shit, look what you did you me!" Amber snapped, her face turning redder than her hair. She kept grabbing the pillows from her beach chair and tossed them at Honolulu. Soon, they'll have a bit of a patio pillow fight, both half-naked out on the deck. She wasn't sure if someone was going to walk in on her, but she was so blinded by rage she didnt' stop slapping Honolulu in the face with a pillow, "Take that back! take it all back!"

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