Esthe and her new Cat Friend.

She turned to the baker and ordered a couple of Croissants stuffed with delicious looking seafood salad, with some lettuce and tomatoe (my favorite). The moment Holly gave one to Esthe, she didn't resist and sank her teeth into her meal. She did it so her cat fangs were showing so if Esthe saw it, she would feel a bit emberass for being so rude in front of someone.

Esthe looked at the Croissant stuffed with seafood salad. "O-Oh my.. Thank you. This looks amazing." She was hungry, but not as hungry more thirsty. She couldn't help, but glance at Holly's neck, making herself uneasy. "Damn it! This stupid freaking curse keeps making me wanna bite her neck! I just want a friend. I don't want to spook her." Esthe thought to herself, feeling ashamed of her thinking.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm just so hungry," Holly said, covering her mouth as she chewed. This wasn't proper etiquette as a royal bodyguard, but certainly her stomach deserved better than dry rations, "Go on, take a bite."

Esthe noticed that Holly was very hungry and she couldn't help but chuckle. "It's okay, I thought it was cute." Esthe smiled before holding onto the Croissant, tightly. She couldn't take a bite, She really couldn't bring herself to it until she took some blood from Holly's neck. "No. It's not that I'm allergic. I uh.. I'll take a bite soon."

The king and queen will have Holly's head if it came to that! "Uh, I'm her cousin," she fibbed, nervously, "Sh-she'salways getting into trouble and I promised her parents I would take care of her." Holly hoped this explanation would not make Esthe ask any more question. She quickly stuffed the rest of her croissant into her mouth and swallowed hard.

"Cousin huh? You seem to care for her a lot. That's nice of you. She must be the wild one then huh? Always running around causing trouble. Sounds like me when I was younger. My poor grandpa always looking after me." Esthe said, this time for the first time she creaked a smile. While in her head she couldn't stop thinking about Holly's neck. Just one bite.

"Sure, this way," Said Holly. She felt something was strange, about Esthe. One second she was all nervous and suddenly she had this sudden confidence in her voice. It was like she had two personalities or something. But Holly didn't think much about it, she was more eager to find Amber and smack her for sending the guardian on a wild goose chase. "Where are you from? You don't look like a local," Holly then turned and noticed something, "Are you sure you're alright, you're still not eating your croissant. Aren't you hungry?"

Esthe's mental state had switched. Once she stays in the state of thirst a whole new person appears. "Oh? I'm alright, Darlin." This time Esthe smiled, reveling her fangs. They were sharp and looked like they can belong to snakes. "I come from a very very far off place. Some place you can call... Mysterious. No, I am not a local. Just a traveler~♥" Esthe winked at Holly her voice more sensual almost trying to seduce her, As she slowly walked closer to her. "You know, You have a very peachy neck.." Esthe wrapped her arm around Holly's waist, using her other hand to brush the hair away from her neck. Esthe had a tight hold, it was very difficult to escape if she tired. "You wouldn't mind if I..." Esthe leaned forward and gave a small kiss on Holly's neck before CHOMP!

Slowly Esthe pushed her fangs into Holly's neck, slurping up that sweet smooth blood. ♥

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