(Sai+Amb) When Heat of Passion, Burns too Hard (Pain?)

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"W-wait Mav-no not there!--Kyaaa♥"

“Heh? Why not? Last week, we borrowed the Kitchen to get real close to each other. It was fine, no one walked in and disturbed us.”

Actually, because the kitchen door was a French Style Door (sliding type with fancy glass) it was the kind with very terrible locking system. Whenever a Guild Member wandered in to get a snack or a cup of juice……. They would see something they wished they would unsee – and walk right out… Due to the… um… heat of the moment, neither Guild Master nor Snow Fairy would notice them entering.

Yeah, their relationship was that intense.

"Ah…h-hey! I can take that off myself!"

“Oh don’t worry, don’t worry. I’ll be real gentle. Tee-hee.”

And so the exotic body massage began. The first thing the girl who was obsessed about fairies did, was strip Ansette Snow – down to her one piece swimsuit. It wasn’t the type that was used in swimming competition, so her bare back was not revealing. Rather, this was the kind that was usually worn by students in certain Japanese school regimes… with their own pool… and… indoor shower – Canada, why are we so far behind!?

“Oh my goodness. Look at all those bruises. It must hurt, the pain and the stress you’ve been through. Snow Fairy, this is exactly why you have to take me with you on your next quest.”

"Ow! Mavis, b-be more careful! I'm still sore there.”

“Sigh. You’re thighs are really stiff, Snow Fairy. Honestly, did you ever get a chance to take a break and dip your feet into a cold lake. Your legs are a mess, even the smoothness I enjoy my hands over to flex out your tendons are all rough!”

Again, this was a full body massage nothing…R-Rated. Ahem.

Mavis Vermillion was not a masseuse, but she went to great effort in perfecting her skills on her one and only test subject. Ansette Snow. As the girl had secretly (or not) went on an S-Class Mission, it was only obvious her body would be stiff, sore, and cut all over.


“…Let me make you feel good… and safe.”



The Guild Master would pulled out a small bottle of lotion from her pocket space via magic. It was a soft pink cream that fluffed up like foam. Although wet and creamy, the moment she rubbed it into Ansette Snow’s body, it instantly absorbed itself through her skin, quick drying. Not a single speck of oiliness. It wasn’t slippery like sun lotion.

“This is a special healing concoction I’ve been working with Nessa. She’s a very resourceful girl. We’ve been experimenting with all sorts of aromatherapy you know, Snow Fairy. Fu-fu-fu. I can’t wait for us to take a bath together and try a Bubble Bomber.”

In Magnolia terms – that’s a bath bomb… the one that fizzles like tablets in glass, not an actual military ordinance.

“…Hey Snow Fairy… Don’t you think it’s mean you’re getting all the attention.”

No matter what Mavis Vermillion said, Snow Fairy had trouble listening. She felt so good… her muscles loosening instantly and her exhausted vitality recharging by the second. It was like an instant plug in, refilling her energy bar to max in 10 seconds.

The sensation of three days worth of sleep, five days worth of food and sustenance, and bonus ecstasy (normal) from being touched… massaged wise.

So when Ansette Snow was suddenly turned around, pinned against a shelf full of cleaning supplies and towels, her hands stapled over her head by another pair of hands, and a cute face only an inch from her nose…….Is when she realized – it was a trap!

“Tee-hee. You’ve been gone for so long, we’re going to have so much fun! Do me! Do me!”

Body Massage! Body Massage!

The two… really, really, really (x10) good delinquents ‘throttled’ each other in the space of the 2 meter by 2 meter closet. A lot of shelves were rattling, with some towels dripped off the counters and onto the floor as if to symbolize the falling of rose pedals.

In the end, the two girls were wearing nothing but… school-style swimsuits.

“…Snow Fairy… I… I always wanted to say this… but… I can’t resist! I L—OAFFF MEUUUU!?”

….Meat Loaf? At a time like this?

“Pfff! Pff! Wh-what fell on me!? Who?”

Something dropped off the top of the shelf when it was… shaken up quite a bit from the girl’s ‘throttling’. It somehow ended up falling onto Mavis Vermillion’s face, as if some kind of cat out of the bag. Fortunately, it was a newspaper.


When she ripped it off her face, her hair was covered in thick dust. It was here in this tiny room for some time, left alone for a good several weeks. How did anyone know it was some weeks old, the last issue on the date was that many.

“…………Hmm…The Warring Guilds, eh? Honestly, I’m not too happy about this revelation in the world.”

The newspaper in Mavis Vermillion’s hand killed the mood. The title printed in large bold letters across the front page was enough to blow out their flaming candles in a fell swoop.


‘Every Guild For themselves! The Fight for Absolute Control Rages!’


“… Oh, Snow Fairy. Why do you look so confused? Ah, I know. You’ve been away from the guild for some time, you didn’t’ see the headlines that appeared recently.”

To summarize for Ansette Snow, the world was at war. Not with another continent, not with monsters of some otherworldy plane, not even with gods trying to take over a certain floating city.


Guilds were suddenly attacking each other. Due to their rise in power as individuals, many of the leaders and their member believed they could expand their influence across not only their chief cities, but various provinces.

At first, it all started with opening one branch after another, to the point where such chains across the continent were rivalling our common world multinational corporation. However, every guild were following in each other’s footsteps, to the point of purposefully opening shop only five blocks form each other.

There were two guilds who had the audacity to open up right next to each other, at the same time. One was Squid Tongues and the other was Yellow Stingers. It first started out as simply arguing over land space and the rightful attraction of clients…

…Until one small argument led into a confrontation in the middle of the city… to an all out magic fight.

Two Mages were killed. One from each Guild.

And that was how the Warring Guilds had sparked.

(Ye Who Throws the First Fist, Shall Receive 10 Fold)

“It’s sad, really. Guilds are all about family, growth, and going on adventures with your friends, building fond memories to smile on. To help others in their need, and using our magic with responsibility… but.”

Mavis Vermillion, the girl who was obsessed about fairies, crunched the newspaper in her small hands.

“These people who call themselves the heroes of the world are turning their guns on each other… they’re wiping out any guild weaker than theirs so they could rise in power. I definitely cannot understand this. Not one bit.”

The Guild Master no higher than a girl’s waist crushed the newspaper in her hands and tossed it aside. It missed the bucket, and fell across the ground to collect dust once more. Even so, Mavis Vermillion’s tiny fists won’t stop shaking.

“I destest it… the thought of guilds turning on each other for some messed up cause of self-delusion.”


Ansette Snow. She was once a member of a Dark Guild known as the Red Rose. Originally a villain, but converted due to meeting this little girl obsessed with fairies. She turned her back on the dark past, in order to embrace a warm future… with the girl she considered her really, really, really (x1000) good friend.

So, of course Ansette Snow would try to calm Mavis Vermillion down, and hug her from behind.

…………. If only… if only it didn’t get in between them. If only the tragedy that sliced through the roof didn’t land in front of Ansette Snow’s bare feet and Mavis Vermillion’s exposed back.

If only it’s fuse wasn’t lit…

…Then the projectile resembling a military grade firework, would not--

“Heh? Snow Fairy? Why are you making that hissing noise. Please don’t, it reminds me of a Creeper Ghoul and—GET DOWN! SNOW FAI--”





"Oh shit, look what you did you me!" Amber snapped, her face turning redder than her hair. She kept grabbing the pillows from her beach chair and tossed them at Honolulu. Soon, they'll have a bit of a patio pillow fight, both half-naked out on the deck. She wasn't sure if someone was going to walk in on her, but she was so blinded by rage she didnt' stop slapping Honolulu in the face with a pillow, "Take that back! take it all back!"

“Nyaa-haa-haa. You can’t make me, you can’t make me! GBFFFFB!?”

Honolulu Coralheart was enjoying herself. Even though she purposely stripped herself to the point where all of her good bits were showing to the world, she didn’t care. It wasn’t because she set up the Godiva Spell (Anti-Peeping Spell).

It’s because she liked to see Amber Lessard’s face turning redder than a Fresh Pumpkin patch. Due to eliciting such emotions from her friend, she deserved a pillow to the face.


“Oh my god, darling. I wish I had a magic photo camera and take a cute selfie with out raving mad you look. Dodge! You surely would gain a large fan base if I post you up onto Elemental-Twitter. Not to mention you wearing such skimpy clothing. Duck!”

Regardless of how angry Amber Lessard was, with her launching one pillow after another at Honolulu Coralheart, the chocolate tanned skin Mage nimbly dodged every one of her attacks! Her Dexterity was A class!

Ha-ha, Amber sweety, you shouldn’t be ashamed of how beautiful your curves are – A good girl’s got to show her figure to the world. Ha-ha-ha………h…..A-Amber, th-this lowly peasant i-is sorry! Sh-she takes back everything you said! S-so, p-please d-don’t go overboard and shove that fire rocket up my @ss!”

Oh Amber Lessard would do more than that. She was going to hang Honolulu up the nearest light pole in kinky ropes, put a plastic ball to gag her mouth, make her plea she is sorry by calling the Princess ‘Mistress’, and then she would shove that lit Firework Rocket up her…………………………………

…………………………….Wait. Fire Work?

Amber Lessard, you don’t remember how. Maybe in all the rage, you didn’t realize something zipping over your head from afar. It wasn’t an arrow, it was too big, and itl eft a trail of fine smoke in its arc. Yet somehow, you caught it with your bare hands and held it, as if you were going to use that arrow and re-enact the 1000 Years of Pain Event from a certain Ninja Drama.

But… you didn’t count on grabbing a live Fire Work in the shape of a rocket. With a short fuse that was eating up the cotton wick faster than you could count 2. And the fire was going to touch the end, and inside of the gunpowder hiding inside of the projectile.


Honolulu Coralheart was a brave girl… or recklessly stupid. She slapped the fire rocket out of Amber’s hand, as if slapping a boy’s face.


The Mage with white hair slammed her naked foot into the ground, particularly the dirt right in front of the front porch. The entire ground throbbed and vibrated, until it became a living wave that flashed across the surface. It was like the earth and dirt had turned into the waters of the ocean, kicking up dust and rock. The living Earth Wave slammed into the Fire Rocket before it hit the ground.

It had enough kick to send it flying harmlessly into the air.




Naked Honolulu Coralheart then tackled a half-naked Amber Lessard. Because the rocket that explode int the air, vomited sparkling flames all over. The fire itself was small, nothing but minor embers. But with the way it spun around like some kind of Pinwheel Fire Cracker, it started to do something.

Spread out in a 10 meter diameter. Across the wooden roofs and beams of houses, stores, and buildings. There was no such thing a fire-proof material, not in thie reality. So it was obvious everything was going up in fire.


Honolulu Coralheart and Amber Lessard watched in awe. The Pinwheel Flames continued to scatter for another few meters, and soon the entire street in their view was smoking and burning. It didn’t end there.


Amber Lessard would then see another volley of Fire Rockets, arcing over their heads. Like the a flight of fighter planes in steaming formation, more larger sized Fire Rockets with sparkling ends flew through the blue sky. It instantly chocked the air with their black smoke, and their landing created bright flashes in the distance.

… It was only then, did the two girls started to hear screaming in the distance.

“…Wh…what is…. What is happening?”

To even the reckless Mage who liked to tease other people until they become Tsundere red… Honolulu Coralheart could not understand the nightmare was happening before her eyes.


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