(ZenAmb, End) When the Bricks Crumble, Will the Tower Fall? (New Challenger)

Esthe Thinzash. Holly Camelot. This was an endearing sight for the two of you. It would be terrible for this narrator to interrupt… but alas, this is out of anyone’s control.


An explosion roared. It was unfair, yes, to have something so crude to interrupt such a beautiful moment. Whether it was by a twist of fate or prank by otherworldly force, it could not be helped but to accep the fact there were hundreds of explosions igniting around the two girls.

The glass of the bakery expanded like balloon, before shattering into flying shrapnel. Flames curled and leapt all over, soon melting over tiles, chairs, and menu signs into solid liquid. The heat of destruction, surprassed the heat of emotion.

It was truly an unfair sight.




The flames were broken. A small figure shot through that wall of heat as if it was glass itself. It tumbled in the air, not like a cannonball neither a rock thrown out of anger. A dart, straight and true. A flurry of forest green filled the air, blossoming like a flower.

An emblem was placed across the heart of this flower that was a simple travelling cape.

The symbol of wings leaping for freedom.


Ropes. Beautiful white rope flew into the air with the sound of a gunshot sparking off. It reached out to coiled around a pair of columns in the bakery shop, gripping it tightly like a fist.

“Both of you, grab onto me now!”

Esthe Thinzash. If you were paying attention, you would feel a small hand grab you by the back of your collar. Holly Camelot, you would feel the same. However, maybe the small hand couldn’t find purchas in your robes, so it ended up grabbing your ears. Maybe.


The figure with the forest cape bearing leaping wings said those words with heart and pride. The white ropes that clenched the bars suddenly tightened, as if pulled by a series of mechanized pulleys in gears. At this command, it was enough to allow this figure to slingshot itself out of a melted hole in the bakery’s wall.



Whatever flew in to grab Esthe Thinzash and Holly Camelot dragged them all out of the menace, and tossed them all into the air. They all tumbled, either clumsily, or gracefully, especially this particular entrant on the scene.

“D-don’t worry. I’m a cat! I always land on me—BUGYAAAAAH!”

Only to end up hitting the top of a bush, spin out of control, and crash whole-heartedly into the cobblestone ground of the roads.

The one who saved the day could be see, head buried in the dust, and the rest of the body flipped up like a standing rake.

It was unclear as to who she was. Seeing all those leather bindings over her legs, arms, and waist would make people have a different reaction at first glance. However, those leather straps looked too intentional and complicated to be any kind of BDSM.

“MMMMM! MMFFGGGMM! MGGG—Puwaaah! Ptoo! Ptoo!... D*mn it, I missed my landing again! Practice, Practice!”

It was a girl. A thin girl with a well toned figure. She wasn’t a super model, sadly, with how thin and fit her shape was, anyone would easily mistaken her for a boy at a distance of 10 meters. Maybe, it was because of how boyish her short hair was and maybe she lacked a natural feminine charm. It was hard to say whether or not that was a good or bad thing. For now, let’s consider it a neutral stance.

However, once thing was clear. Other than the forest cape bearing a symbol of leaping wings, there was this lovely violet flower pinned in her hair. It looked quiet young, caught in mid-bloom, but was never old enough to wilt or shrivel. It felt real, but the way it was undamaged no matter what trouble she got into gave people to think otherwise.

Her name was—

“A-are you two okay? Th-that was a close call and—UGYAAAAAAAA AAAAAA AAAAAAAAH!”

No. There was no burning pillars falling on this girl. No, there wasn’t even a clock tower that gave way to its broken structure and attempted to squish everything in a randomy 30 meter linear radius.

Rather, it was what she saw that made the girl in the forest cape scream like a child in a horror show.

"You wouldn't mind if I..." Esthe leaned forward and gave a small kiss on Holly's neck before CHOMP!”


This girl who saved everyone was panicking, because she saw a certain Blood Dragon Slayer sucking on Holly Camelot’s face with violent passion… or… her succulent neck… Smooth… fresh… chaste… just dipping in those fangs really excited Esthe Thinzash and—


--Her name was Roma Whitehorse, a girl who looked like the love child between an Oak and Apple Tree. It was a one time thing, they had some wine and one thing led to another.


Slowly Esthe pushed her fangs into Holly's neck, slurping up that sweet smooth blood. ♥





"Easy part, is finding weak members, the real hard part is getting powerful members." Soularous said. He walked up to the guild, "It's missing something, I know." He made a giant sword of steel and stabbed the dragon where it's heart would be. " Now Ruben, would you like to become the first member of The Dragon Heart guild?"

“Ha-ha-ha. I’ll be frank, I’m not cut out for the field. I can’t even kick someone’s face to save my life, let alone be any use to you on the battlefield. If you don’t mind, I’ll hire myself to take on the position as Guild Counsellor.”

Ruben Langley put on a smile so slick and oily, it was hard to tell if he was joking or being serious. Watching the Dragon Slayer rip out the stone heart of the metal dragon ornament on the top of the dome-shaped Guild, all he could do was take one step to the left to avoid the severed head from crushing him.

“You’re right. The easy part is finding weak members. In the last six months, there’s been a huge inflation of Mediocre mages who are looking for a guild. Every single one of them are either greenhorns who can’t tell from their head to their @ss, or simply freeloaders wanting room and board.”

The self-proclaimed Keeper of the Black Market tilted his head, as if a thought came to mind and he was emptying it into his hand.

“Ah-ha. So this is where I put my own personal Holo-Cron.”

A pair of small cubes fell from behind his ear, as if clipped like a pencil. It was the size and shape of six-sided dices. Instead of the regular numbered dots, it had something of an ‘Eye’ carved into all sizes. The shape was identical, as if any roll would always land on that perfect eye.

All he had to do was give it a blow, as if asking for a girl to blow on the dice for luck, and he shook it in his hand. Then toss, he released those mimic-dices across the floor. It was like he was playing a dice game.

And then a small holographic screen was projected from the small six-sided cubes on the ground.

“Let’s see, let’s see. Well we want to sort out the fresh meat from the seasoned ones. How about we organize the deck of villains by levels. Level 7 to 12 should do the trick. But ah, the key to a balance guild would be to incorporate several weaklings into the ranks. They would most likely be the cannon fodder to slow the enemy down, in order to sacrifice enough power to call forth your best players. Yes, you need a good mix of both weak and strong. Only then could you be truly strong.”

Ruben Langley was right. Think of a pyramid of cards. You need a lot of cards at the base, in order to support the one important card at the top. Or a game of chess. If you sacrifice your Pawns, in order to trap your enemy’s best units with your Queen, Rook, or Knight.

A mixture of villains of all types would be best. It would form a hierarchy, reduce the amount of competition between those considered of the same rank. Having all members being of level 20 Mages, would cause problems.

‘I’m already the strongest, I don’t need to listen to these fools’ – mindset comes to mind.

“Should you gather men and women who share a similar mindset, they’ll soon work together to push you to make decisions on their behalf and notion. Not to mention, once they get fed up, they can easily start a mutiny. That’s the type of ending you want to avoid—Oh? It looks like I got mail.”


The sleazy businessman pulled himself away from a list of data he gathered on both low and high level mages. On the corner of his holographic screen, was a flashing notification in the form of a mail. Now, though holographic, it had touch-key capabilities. So any words or commands he press on that ghostly screen, worked exactly like a touch-pad computer.

All his folders were pushed to the side, focusing on the mail. Particularly the heading of the recent message in his inbox.

The Topic Read: ‘Must see! Magnolia being attacked! Lol!’

“Oh? This sounds interesting!”

Not caring about the heaviness of the situation, Ruben Langley happily pressed his index finger to the open mail button. The hidden message opened up like a letter package, and was broadcasting an image to the screen.

Magnolia, the city that Soularous Darkborn had been aiming to search for, was suddenly up in fire. He remembered the travel documents, showing images of the city with a winding ravine through the city of terra-cotta roof tyles, and stone bridges.

Everything was red, smoke fluttering over the eye of the screen. In the distance, what looked like a school was crushed in by a volley of fire rockets from off screen. If anyone didn’t know better, it looked like it was being broadcasted to Ruben Langley’s hologram, live.

“Oh, hooo. This looks interesting. Now that I see it, this could be the perfect opportunity.”

Ruben Langley’s face broke into a wicked smile, one that a used car salesmen would give when you seal the deal (sucker).

“It’s times like these, where people would be desperate for protection… If you do them a favor, who knows, maybe you’ll pick up some stray Mages and open a plot flag with them. Ha-ha-ha!”

Such an irresponsible idea.


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