Another snack?

Whatever flew in to grab Esthe Thinzash and Holly Camelot dragged them all out of the menace, and tossed them all into the air. They all tumbled, either clumsily, or gracefully, especially this particular entrant on the scene.

As they flew through the sky Esthe was keeping focus on her hunger for the blood. She craved it to the point she was drooling. Unable to satisfy her insane hunger for blood, She began to squirm around slightly. Esthe's fangs began to emerge from her gums, which caused her to quickly cover her mouth. "Oh geez.. Why now?" Esthe mumbled to herself as she softly poked her fangs even with a gentle poke it pierced her finger slightly. "Shiet."

“A-are you two okay? Th-that was a close call and—UGYAAAAAAAA AAAAAA AAAAAAAAH!”

Esthe's body began to overheat as they landed safely on the building. "T-Thank you.. We owe you one." As Esthe's spoke steam slowly escape her mouth from the internal overheat.

Once Esthe turned around to see if Holly was okay, She was able to get a glance of her neck, which caused her mind to click into different gear of intense hunger, completely changing into a different person. A wide yet maniacal grin spread across her face, As she slowly made her way towards Holly. "Oh my.. A little knight." Esthe's voice completely changed into something more sensual?! "You look rather.. Oh, What's the word? Tasty." She slowly licked her lips as she made intense eye contact with Holly.

"Well, A snack for me. You wouldn't mind if I..." Esthe leaned forward and gave a small kiss on Holly's neck, licking down her neck slight and NOM! Esthe slowly sunk her fangs into Holly's neck as Roma began to scream about how two girl's shouldn't be doing this that are forbidden. "Don't worry, Darlin. You are next." Esthe thought before looking up at Roma and smiled with her eyes, As she continued to succ Holly.

Esthe slowly wrapped her arms around Holly's waist, pushing her into Esthe's body. Esthe had a tight hold which was probably hard to escape. She held tighty onto Holly's waist, but it was rather gently as well, trying her best not to hurt Holly. Well, beside the bite.

Esthe's mental state was going crazy, Her mental state with Vampire Esthe was trying to push out the more kind Esthe. As Esthe slowly pushed back from Holly's neck and released her from the bite, blood covering her mouth, dripping from her fangs as she looked at Roma. Esthe kept Holly close to her body just in case she fainted or fell over. "Forbidden? I was just hungry." Esthe grinned blood staining her lips and fangs.

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