Clear a Path!

Fal stuck his head out of the ground near Geo. He had to eat his way out because the girl had been sitting there screaming but hey, any chance to fuel up was worth it... Right?

Not this time.

As he surfaced Fal's nose was assaulted by horrible smells; fire and death. He quickly covered Geo's eyes and draped his cape over the burning body in front of them. As he raised his eyes he saw that this wasn't the only bad thing happening. Someone had dropped from the sky a little bit ago, but he was far away enough to where Fal couldn't worry about them. His top priority was making sure that Geo was alright.

"Geo, I don't know what's happening but we need to get to the guild hall. Now!" Fal said and pulled himself out of the ground, then held his hand into the air. He exhaled slowly and then shouted. The ground disolved around him, transforming from rock to sand. Fal made a movement with his hand across the roof-line, guiding the swirling sand across the roofs and into the houses to smother what flames he could. More sand rose up around him and started spinning in a large sandstorm around Fal as he helped Geo out of the hole. The two of them would remain untouched but the fires in the immediate area would begin to get smothered out and extinguished.

"I'll make a path! C'mon!" Falaranion shouted before inhaling deeply once again. This time stone and sand were inhaled along with air and he looked in the direction of the guild hall, holding his breath out with puffed up cheeks.

"Earth Dragon ROAR!" Falaranion bellowed as he exhaled the roar. The ground would tremble as he roared for about 3 seconds, making a path straight to the guild hall that would be free of flames and covered in sands. Then he offered Geo a hand to help her over the sands.

"We're on our way guys. Whoever did this will pay."

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