Time Magic sure is useful

Ansette hummed quietly as she stood behind Mavis, gently rubbing her shoulders, listening to the small guild master. She certainly had missed some big things in just a week…

"Never a dull moment," she thought to herself. Sometimes it was good, sometimes it was ba-what was that hissing sound?

As the firework came flying down, Ansette didn't really need a moment to know what had happened, her eyes glowing in the dark as she charged her magic. She had maybe a good five seconds before things got ah…explosive.

Grabbing Mavis, she kicked open the small closet, feeling the heat on her back before she slammed the brakes on time itself. "Somewhere safe somewhere safe," she thought to herself, holding the small guild master as she ran towards the basement. Underground would hopefully be safe…nothing to fall…just buried alive…

"Be more positive, you can just dig yourselves out later if it's that bad," she thought as she carried.

Kicking open the doors just as her time ran out, she flung the two of them inside, slamming the doors behind her as explosions sounded. At least they were…sort of safe. "Mavis, are you okay?" Ansette asked, sighing as she dragged them further down into the dark in case the doors blew out, keeping their hands interlocked so her really, really, really (x10 000) good friend didn't trip, her glowing eyes small pinpoint guides in the dark.

Sitting in the dark, she sighed as she waited for the explosions above to finish, ready to leave at a moment's time. "…Mavis, what should we do?" she mumbled quietly, frowning. She could undo the damage on the guild given a little time, but…that didn't meant this wouldn't happen again.

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