This Is Madness

A very panicked Nessa enveloped her brother in a quick embrace. In that brief second she held onto him tightly, as if he might be taken away at any instant.
“Are you hurt?!” She asked him desperately. Zander shook his head sternly.
Her ears were ringing from the loud sounds that surrounded her. So many thoughts coursed through her mind that it was overwhelming. The smell of burning penetrated her nose.
Her senses finally started returning to her.
She looked between Jack O’Donnell, Cecilia Alcott, Mikasa, and Barbara Folklord. It was only due to the combined efforts of all of them that her and her brother made it out safely. Such fantastic allies were hard to come by, and she had so many... Nessa was never more grateful than in this moment.
She wrapped up Mikasa and the lovable Drum Can in a speedy hug.
“Thank you all! Without you guys I wouldn’t have gotten out.”
Nessa released them with grateful eyes.
She stepped towards Jack giving him a fast kiss on the cheek. “Thank you...” she said sweetly.
Zander glanced at Barbara, giving her a nonchalant nod. Even in such an impactful situation he tried tirelessly to maintain his tough guy persona.
Nessa didn’t want to, but she needed to look behind them at their guild hall.
Their proud guild building was now in a state of partial ruin. Luckily Falaranion had come along to put out some of the fire using sand, but the damage that had been done was great. Glass from the windows sprinkled the ground. Her precious potion room and ingredients were reduced to cinders. Mages ran around rampantly causing havoc.
There was even a a mysterious figure by the name Soularous Darkborn wielding flames looking for a battle from Fairytail.
”Did everyone else get out?! Why is this happening?!”
Nessa had the strong urge to cry but she forced that into the back of her mind. This was not the time or place for any of that right now.
She was not the toughest girl, the strongest mage, or a natural-born leader, but she cared about her guild mates. She would do whatever necessary to help them. If that meant locking away her fear and putting on a brave face, then so be it. Nessa would try her best.
“Zander and Mikasa, please engage that mysterious mage! I’m going to extinguish the flames, I’ll support you when I get them all out! Ceci watch my back! Jack you can... Umm, maybe just hide away somewhere? Try not to get hurt”
Though her ingredients were gone she still had the potions that were attached to her belt. All she had to do was figure out what to use them for.
Some homes, guilds and other buildings nearby were blazing.
Nessa reached down for one of the many potions that sat on her belt.
“I guess this is as good a time to test this as any... There’s just no time...”
She swiftly wrapped a hand around a vial of continuously bubbling blue liquid. She gulped back the liquid in one mouthful, not taking the time to even wince at the incredibly bitter flavour. She approached the buildings.
Nessa could feel an immediate queasiness and pressure building in her gut. Her world began to spin. Her legs wobbled as if they might give out.
“All the symptoms seem to be as they should... Now let’s just see if this works!”
Despite her growing feeling of sickness she took a deep breath and focused in on the flaming roofs.
Suddenly, as it felt like she was about to vomit what came out was instead a continuous blast of powerful... Pure water!
Water shot out of her mouth like some bizarre Pokémon. It erupted out onto the rooftops like a cyclone. The many flames shrunk until they sizzled out completely. The strong stream of water dwindled after approximately a minute and a half. Stopping after two.
At the end, this left an extremely dizzy Nessa, looking up at the extinguished flames with a small uneasy smile.
“It seems the Aqua Infinity Potion is a success... Certainly a gross success. ”
With each breath she took her dizziness subsided more and more until she was no longer any worse for wear.
Just as she was finishing up with one row of houses she heard a blast to her left. She saw more flames. She took off in that direction. She had a few different potions that she could use to deal with the fires. She would join her guild in the fight soon, but she couldn’t stand for any hurt innocents.
Nessa had been aware of the tension between guilds in the past weeks, but this was madness...
How could she help make this stop?
As a natural pacifist she wished all of this would come to an end peacefully. She knew however that there was clearly no time to calmly talk out their differences.

A malevolent smile worked itself on Zander’s face.
He would happily engage this mage. If he was looking for a fight he was eager to oblige. The rush of a battle made his heart flutter with excitement. Usually being in this situation invigorating him, but now he felt as though he was actually defending something. He was fighting for Fairytail.
He hurried off towards the figure, waiting for nothing. For better or for worse, once his mind was set on a fight he could think of nothing else.
Once he was close enough to the enemy he raised an arm. Once he made a fist two large spikes formed from the surrounding rubble, rising up into the air.
“Soularous Darkborn was it?! Let’s do this thing!!” Zander yelled at the individual holding fire in his hands.
The sharp javelin-shaped amalgamations of wood and cement zoomed at top speed toward Soularous Darkborn.

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