Amber isn't entirely naked! Holly falls in love from a Bite?

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Honolulu Coralheart and Amber Lessard watched in awe. The Pinwheel Flames continued to scatter for another few meters, and soon the entire street in their view was smoking and burning. It didn’t end there.


Amber Lessard would then see another volley of Fire Rockets, arcing over their heads. Like the a flight of fighter planes in steaming formation, more larger sized Fire Rockets with sparkling ends flew through the blue sky. It instantly chocked the air with their black smoke, and their landing created bright flashes in the distance.

… It was only then, did the two girls started to hear screaming in the distance.

“…Wh…what is…. What is happening?”

To even the reckless Mage who liked to tease other people until they become Tsundere red… Honolulu Coralheart could not understand the nightmare was happening before her eyes.

"I don't know," were the first thing Amber could get out of her mouth before she chocked on a cloud of black smoke and soot. It was hot all around her, and it made it worse she was only wearing her underwear. Damn! The city was under attack, but by who? Was it the Red Rose, they should have been eliminated after Ansette and Mavis crushed them? Maybe it was that band of four girls, Dark Channel. Amber shook her head and believed it wasn't them, they were more like rivals, they didn't seem to go this far.

Amber picked herself up, already feeling the ground burning up so badly. And she didn't have any shoes, so it felt like she was on a hot beach with the sand still burning. She had to get her clothing, "Shit!" she called out when a flaming beam dropped burned her suit. Now she was officially half naked. She did, however, save her boots, which would at least keep her feet from burning.

"Oh man, if Tobi saw me, what would he think," she said, shriveling up her half-naked body. This would be bad if someone like, I don't know, Falaranion or even Jack saw her like this. But with all the missiles coming down on everyone, she can't ignore the fear in her. "C, come on Lulu, we have to get out of here and find everyone!"

Amber picked up the entirely naked Honolulu from her feet and they ran through the burning houses. They tried to go around the guild fence to see if anyone made it out alive. In the distance, she could see Nessa and her brother, safe and sound. Phew, she was luckily with the others, Barbara, Mikasa, Jack, and that drum can Cecilia.

"Hey guys, over here!" She called out. She got their attention and ran up, trying to regroup. "What happened?" she started to ask, "Why are we attacked? Did anyone see anything?" While Amber was asking, she realized everyone was staring at her and Lulu, "Oh shit! Jack, no! Don't look, look the other way! You too Zander!"

Amber liked Jack and Zander a lot, but when wearing underwear only, she didn't want anyone to see her, so she forced both of them to look around. "Do anyone have a spare pair of clothing? Especially for Lulu?" she said, eyeing how naked the girl must be.

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----------------------------------Holly Camelot's Steamy POV

Esthe's body began to overheat as they landed safely on the building. "T-Thank you.. We owe you one." As Esthe's spoke steam slowly escape her mouth from the internal overheat.

Once Esthe turned around to see if Holly was okay, She was able to get a glance of her neck, which caused her mind to click into different gear of intense hunger, completely changing into a different person. A wide yet maniacal grin spread across her face, As she slowly made her way towards Holly. "Oh my.. A little knight." Esthe's voice completely changed into something more sensual?! "You look rather.. Oh, What's the word? Tasty." She slowly licked her lips as she made intense eye contact with Holly.

"Well, A snack for me. You wouldn't mind if I..." Esthe leaned forward and gave a small kiss on Holly's neck, licking down her neck slight and NOM! Esthe slowly sunk her fangs into Holly's neck as Roma began to scream about how two girl's shouldn't be doing this that are forbidden.

"Ow, hey, what the hell are you, oooh," Holly cried out when she was suddenly grabbed and bite on the neck. She realized too late that the girl she made friends with was a vampire. She felt her hot fangs sinking into her neck and draw out her warm blood. Weakness took over and the archer girl could do nothing but just grab at Esthe's body.

Surprisingly, it doesn't hurt that much, she thought, her consciousness drifting in and out. Even with all the fires and missiles dropping, she can't think of anything but how warm Esthe's body felt. She can't remember, but Holly think she moaned a couple of times the more Esthe bite her.

It was so deep inside of her neck, she couldn't feel anything but Esthe's tongue licking her throat. "I, ha, uh, so, gentle." Sorry, girl she couldn't hear screaming her head off, but Holly felt like she was floating in a safe place.

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