Oh my heart?! ♥

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"Ow, hey, what the hell are you, oooh," Holly cried out when she was suddenly grabbed and bite on the neck. She realized too late that the girl she made friends with was a vampire. She felt her hot fangs sinking into her neck and draw out her warm blood. Weakness took over and the archer girl could do nothing but just grab at Esthe's body.

Esthe felt Holly grab a hold of her body, making her heart race quickly. She wrapped her arm around Holly's waist and took one last gulp. She'd pull Holly closer into her body, She knew this could've ended horribly with how Holly is reacting to the bite.

Surprisingly, it doesn't hurt that much, she thought, her consciousness drifting in and out. Even with all the fires and missiles dropping, she can't think of anything but how warm Esthe's body felt. She can't remember, but Holly think she moaned a couple of times the more Esthe bite her.

It was so deep inside of her neck, she couldn't feel anything but Esthe's tongue licking her throat. "I, ha, uh, so, gentle." Sorry, girl she couldn't hear screaming her head off, but Holly felt like she was floating in a safe place.

Esthe was able to hear Holly moan which was making her mind go crazy. So, Esthe took one last gulp of blood from Holly. Not enough to make her pass out, but make her dizzy. Esthe would hold onto Holly's body just in case she wanted to fall over.

Blood was dripping from her fangs and down onto her shirt. Esthe looked down at Holly, As her heart was racing to the extreme. She snapped out of vampire mode and returned back to her usual self. "H-Hey are you okay.. I'm so sorry." Esthe held tightly onto Holly's body.

"Wait? There is so much going on.. Why did I come here..." Esthe hear all of the bombing going on and looked at the new person Roma who came out and saved them. She just bit some innocent girl and now there is a guild war breaking out. "Holy.." She looked at Holly and held on her body, Esthe was shaking from all the stuff going down.

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