The new kid in town

Shane had just got in town of Magnolia. He had been traveling for days and was tired of being on the road. He knew he was getting close to the guild called Fairy Tail. He had received an invitation from the guild master to come and take a look at the guild. He was from a noble house and carried the last name of Whitestone. His owl friend blizzard rested in his shoulder his head turning looking around. “Master, the street is there to are left” said the large owl. Shane turned and saw the sign he stopped to let the traffic go by before crossing the street. He was surprised how big this city was and how the people in it where nice. He was about half way up the street when a loud wush sound then an explosion at the end of the street a The house burst in to flames. Then he saw the a rocket fly over and crash in to a park it exploded in to flames as people started to run. One man laying the ground screaming as he tried to put out the fire.

“Damm…. What the hell” said Shane. He moved his hands to his side and opened his hands then closed them three cards appeared in his hands the cards are about 3 inches wide, 5 inches tall and thin made of magical energy. The cards look translucent gold with blue and red traces of light moving in or circler patters in the cards. He looked at the guy “Rain!” Shane said. Shane threw three cards at the man on the ground. They flew spinning in the air as they reached him they flew over the man bright flash of light and three circles appeared over the man. The golden circles started to spray water down on the man. With his other hand he threw one card at the man “heal” the card hit the man and exploded in to fine light, the light started engulfing the man’s injuries stated to heal.

More rockets started to fall Shane looked at blizzard. “Hold on we are going to run” said Shane. Sprinting down the street he ended up in front of the Fairy Tail guild. He looked around and saw others he assumed were form the guild, running up to them yelling “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?” breathing hard. The owl in his shoulder looks in to the sky and ask, “who is attacking the city?” speaking perfectly the owls voice of an old wise man.

(OCC- intruding the new kid in town Shane Whitestone, and his pet owl blizzard.)

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