(ZenCandy) When Love and War Mix, It is Bitter and Sweet

"Well, A snack for me. You wouldn't mind if I..." Esthe leaned forward and gave a small kiss on Holly's neck, licking down her neck slight and NOM! Esthe slowly sunk her fangs into Holly's neck as Roma began to scream about how two girl's shouldn't be doing this that are forbidden. "Don't worry, Darlin. You are next."

“Ugyaaaaaaaaaah! G-girls shouldn’t be doing such obscene things! E-especially wh-when they’re not even married! Uhaaa! Aaaaaah! S-stop! Th-this is too much for my heart, e-even if I’m ready to offer it for humanity! Kyuaaaaa!”

Roma Whitehorse, a strange girl bearing a green cape over her shoulder that carried the symbol of winged freedom, said those words while covering her face that glowed harder than a hot poker. As much as she was trained in magical combat and excelled as a magic soldier in the battlefield, there were just some horrors on the war zone that was… just too much for this girl to take in.

For example, Esthe Thinzash’s kiss – on Holly Camelot’s neck (love bite♥).


… From one angle, it looked hot, even to this narrator who lives with female roommates (yes, I’m a girl). From another angle, it looked horrific. If it weren’t for Esthe Thinzash’s beautiful lips acting as a convenient censor – it would make even this narrator (a medical specialist) pass right out from the sight of fresh red.

… So, in translation – Roma Whitehorse was scared sh*tless.

"Ow, hey, what the hell are you, oooh," Holly cried out when she was suddenly grabbed and bite on the neck. She realized too late that the girl she made friends with was a vampire. She felt her hot fangs sinking into her neck and draw out her warm blood. Weakness took over and the archer girl could do nothing but just grab at Esthe's body… She can't remember, but Holly think she moaned a couple of times the more Esthe bite her.

It was so deep inside of her neck, she couldn't feel anything but Esthe's tongue licking her throat. "I, ha, uh, so, gentle." Sorry, girl she couldn't hear screaming her head off, but Holly felt like she was floating in a safe place.

“Stop! Stop kissing each other! I-if th-this continues! I-I’ll pass out from the heat!”

Speaking of heat, the entire city square the threesome—Guh!? Three girls! Three girls… (dang it that sounds just as worse right now [>///<] *Pant* *Pant*) were surrounded by walls of flames. They all came from volley after volley of firework like missiles that soared over the rooftops, smashing into buildings and the roads. Their explosive contents were enough to start a vicious blaze, that spread all over the town.

It had only been 10 minutes in, and it felt worse than all the heatwaves in North American, Central Europe, and Eastern Asian – combined. More vicious than standing at the edge of an active volcano.

“S-seriously! I said stop snogging each other like college students (don’t ask this narrator, she's seen too much)! Th-this is a crisis we have to deal with, not entirely a romantic setting to bite into a girl’s neck and start touch each—Gyaaaaah!”

There was a clock tower nearby. It was one of the famous gathering spots in the middle of the city of Magnolia. Whether it be a young couple, friends fresh out of class, or a seniorly pair wanting to reminisce, it was always a wonderful place to meet up and have fun.

Note – it was a beautiful place. Due to the flames, the blaze had crawled up the sides and the legs of the ancient clock tower, their inferno eating away at the brick and mortar. It was only a matter of time, before it snapped apart one of it’s leg – and started to fall over on everyone.



"I, ha, uh, so, gentle." Sorry, girl, Holly Camelot couldn't hear screaming her head off, but Holly felt like she was floating in a safe place.

Esthe was able to hear Holly moan which was making her mind go crazy. So, Esthe took one last gulp of blood from Holly. Not enough to make her pass out, but make her dizzy. Esthe would hold onto Holly's body just in case she wanted to fall over.


Roma Whitehorse had enough. She activated her Animated Rope spell and sent them grabbing onto a nearby street light. The moment it reeled her in, she would be clear of the falling tower, to leave behind the two girls making out—Er, having a vampire bite moment. This wasn’t her prob—


Oh? What was this? The moment Roma Whitehorse flew out from under the growing shadow of the falling clock tower, she quickly used her momentum to swing around that street lamp, and slingshotting her petite body… back to the blazing tower!?


The girl with the moss-colored cape dove her two hands under the flaps, and wiped out a pair of silver staffs. They were both 1.5 meters long, slender in built, and identical in shape, with a pair of round gems stones embedded at their tips. As she flew in on the magical rope, she spung her body to build up inertia and then—

“1 meter long – 10 inches wide! The weak point is the fourteenth brick from the bottom up! ICE SPEARS!”

The flying soldier gripped at her two silver staffs, which released a cloud of frost. Ice billowed and brewed at the front of the staff, forming spearhead across them and reinforcing their piercing power.




It was a clean cut. Even if the legs of the clock tower were covered in bricks that could not be chipped by regular tools, somehow the girl was able to slash right through them with her ice-covered staff. It found a weak point in the structure, crushing in the legs entirely.

That move alone, was enough to shift the falling weight of the entire clock tower, screwing up it’s gravitational trajectory. So instead of falling right on top of the vampire sucking on the neck (blood) of a certain cat-eared guardian, it crashed about 12 inches away from them and into a massive brick pile across the ground.

Please note, 12 inches is exactly one ruler’s worth of space… Yeah… that was cutting it close.

“Tch! I didn’t have enough speed to cut through all the way! I need to train more when this is over!”

Mumbling under her breath, Roma Whitehorse disengaged the ice spell on her two silver staff, the magical ice disappearing. She gripped them in her hand, surveying over the flames. There were very limited directions they could take, and it was hard to tell if any of them lead to either safety or a dead end. She knew, they had to rely on guts alone.

“Okay. Whoever you two are, follow me! I need to find the Guild Master of Fairy Tail and warn her who is behind this attack! If you know their guild, show me the way and—ARE YOU TWO STILL SUCKING EACH OTHER’S FACES!?”

N-no. Not exactly. More like, the moment vampire girl (not really vampire) Esthe Thinzash drank one more gallon of blood from Miss Holly Camelot… she was content, with a rosy colored hue on her face. It looked like she was very happy with herself... after splurging on happy hour.

"Wait? There is so much going on.. Why did I come here..." Esthe hear all of the bombing going on and looked at the new person Roma who came out and saved them. She just bit some innocent girl and now there is a guild war breaking out. "Holy.." She looked at Holly and held on her body, Esthe was shaking from all the stuff going down.

Miss Esthe, welcome back to reality. We hope you had a pleasant stay on the ship, the S.S. EstheXHolly. Now that the cruise is over, it was time to get straight back to work.

And it begun by having a magical rope wrapped around your splendid torso.


Out of emberassment, out of denial, or maybe out of plain jealousy (shrug), Roma Whitehorse ran at full sprint, towing an Esthe Thinzash and Holly Camelot by the waist with her Animated Rope.

… Please note, everything was cobblestone. FYI.



"Geo, I don't know what's happening but we need to get to the guild hall. Now!" Fal said and pulled himself out of the ground, then held his hand into the air. He exhaled slowly and then shouted. The ground disolved around him, transforming from rock to sand. Fal made a movement with his hand across the roof-line, guiding the swirling sand across the roofs and into the houses to smother what flames he could. More sand rose up around him and started spinning in a large sandstorm around Fal as he helped Geo out of the hole. The two of them would remain untouched but the fires in the immediate area would begin to get smothered out and extinguished. Then he offered Geo a hand to help her over the sands.

"We're on our way guys. Whoever did this will pay."

“Beginning the second phase of Operation Fairy Shut-Out. All squads, take over key control areas and start raising out banner across the territory. In exactly 25 minutes, we will begin the next phase in the operation. All units, dispatch!”

Something was going on. It was unclear as to what was the purpose or even the reason behind such a frightening situation. With Magnolia up in flames, the most important thing right now for any citizen is to put out those fires, if not rescue those caught in the blaze.

However, the voices Falaranion Capolon and Geo Mancer would hear… they didn’t belong to this city. No, it was sure they came from outside of this city altogether.

“B-Big Brother. D-did you hear that, i-it sounded like people and—Ah.”


Geo Mancer was safe. She was kept well under Falaranion Capolom’s wing, protected from the flames. She completely had forgotten, that her ‘brother’ was a Dragon Slayer. He possessed magic that she could never fathom of achieving. The claws to rip through a dragon’s armored scales, the fists to crush through the organs of a dragon, and the breath that will erase all those who oppose the breather.

She felt safe… until Falaranion and herself ran past a corner – and came running next to a squad of lava men.

No, they weren’t monsters born from lava. Neither did they leave any foot prints of molten magma. Rather, their armor was made of crude banded metal, with frames glowing a distinct earthly reddish-orange color. From a single blink, it felt like these men were born from lava, even the red frames were flowing like the bubbles of a lava lamp.

With shining visors with the one eye twisting left and right, they were running in a tight formation. In their arms look like broomsticks, in shape. However, Falaranion had enough experience to recognize it as a type of Magic Musket, albeit a model he wasn’t familiar with.

“Our first objective is to destroy Fairy Tail. All Mages of the Guild are expendable. Terminate on sight. Capture their leader and their SS Rank members. Those are our orders so don’t screw up or any one of the 9 Color Archwizards will have our heads up our @ss and……..Heh?”


Geo Mancer didn’t realize that the Lava Soldiers had already noticed her, before she made that small squeak noise. Still, the tension was so heavy on her shoulders, she though her small noise caught their attention. She paled the moment they turned on her and Falaranion.

“……………….Tch. it’s just a brat. I was hoping it was a milk girl with a hot body. Continue operation.”

“S-sir. Sir. That mark on her hand she’s using to cover her mouth. That’s a Fairy Tail symbol.”



Geo Mancer felt guilty. She truly thought that by making a shocked noise, she had both let the enemy realized their presence, and making them realize she was a Mage of Fairy Tail – their target. So the moment the Lava Soldiers turned their blackbroom stick Magic Muskets on them – there was only one thing she could do.

“I-I’m sorry Big brother. I-it’s my fault. An-and… I…I love y—”


"Earth Dragon ROAR!"




A tornado of dirt came out of no where and smashed through the firing line. Before any of them could pull the trigger, the storm of earth, rock, and gravel (with lots of pebbles), crushed in their magma-black armor, snapped their broomstick shaped Magic Muskets, and sent them all flying into the air. Their bodies’ range of flight, went even farther than the firework missiles.

“………………………… ……………………… ………… ………………..”

One thing to keep in mind about Dragon Slayers. A Dragon itself was a f**king flying tank with a non-nuclear war head. A Dragon SLAYER, was a f**king tank killer.

So it is easier to see the results of this one sided massacre based on that hierarchy.

"I'll make a path! C'mon!"

“……………..Y……Yes… Big Brother.”

…Wasn’t there something that Geo Mancer wanted to say, when she thought their point in history was about to be forced close?

“N-no. N-nothing. I-I didn’t say anything… I-I…I love bratwurst with sauerkraut...uh-hu...”

… Don’t know if that was true, or an innuendo. Maybe this narrator is super hungry after work, that she may be conflating her desires for food and Geo Mancer’s desire for a brother-sister romantic—

“Hm. Let’s keep going. Big Brother. Hm....uh-hu...”

In the end, the good girl was hiding her true feelings. Just to keep the status quo.

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