(AmbNesConnEnd) When the Iron Curtain Falls, Will You Break it Down?

Nessa Baren looked between Jack O’Donnell, Cecilia Alcott, Mikasa, and Barbara Folklord. It was only due to the combined efforts of all of them that her and her brother made it out safely. Such fantastic allies were hard to come by, and she had so many... Nessa was never more grateful than in this moment.

She wrapped up Mikasa and the lovable Drum Can in a speedy hug.

“Thank you all! Without you guys I wouldn’t have gotten out.”

“Aaahn M-MIKASA feels this strange feeling growing inside of her body, s-stutters MIKASA while she is being warmly hugged by a small child smelling of l-lavender.”

“Ooooh! I-it’s been so long since I’ve felt the heat or another human being. I-it brings back so many m-memories of mother’s embraces!”

M.I.K.A.S.A. and Cecilia Alcott turned red, one on the cheeks and the other the entire drum can body. It seemed, both of them were not the type of people who could effectively reveal their emotions, due to their… personalities.

“P-please n-not so tight, I-I’m n-not used to being t-touched like this, s-squeaks M-MIKASA as she suppresses the urge to moan in a time like this.”

“Aaah! I-I want more! I want to be hugged more! Mama! Sniff! Mamaaaaaa!”

………… Again, personality issues.

"Oh man, if Tobi saw me, what would he think," she said, shriveling up her half-naked body. This would be bad if someone like, I don't know, Falaranion or even Jack saw her like this. But with all the missiles coming down on everyone, she can't ignore the fear in her. "C, come on Lulu, we have to get out of here and find everyone!"

“…Didn’t you hear her, Jack-Jack! Don’t look at us!...You’re still looking!......HEY! PAY ATTENTION!”

“Shut it, Pineapple Girl, I’m not interested in looking at your d@mn naked bodies! We’re in the middle of a natural disaster, I highly doubt the desire to breed will trump the desire to survive! Think logic for once!”


“It’s Jack O’Donnell.”


It wasn’t clear if Honolulu Coralheart’s warning was to ensure her purity was intact – or she was subconsciously egging someone one to adore her natural physique. Either way, Jack O’Donnell took the smart route and ignored her. Good man.

“… M-my pride is hurt—BACHUUU!”

Even with all the flame and heat choking the air, Honolulu Coralheart (status: Armor at -100%), let out a small sneeze. It was her own fault for being hubris and stripping down to her birthday suit, just so she could get a ‘better tan’ on her already chocolate-tan colored skin. Worse, she coerced poor Amelia Leonard to follow (status: semi-naked).

“Gah, no good. The Guild is burnt through and through. There’s no way there’s any clothing inside could survive the flames. It’s unfortunate, there are no fire fighting departments who specialize in rescuing dresses… let alone, they can’t scream for help like a regular person.”

Maybe being 100% armor less and standing out in the open like that (ignored by at least one of the boys), it made Honolulu Coralheart not talk straight.

“…Pfff. You’re not that big.”

“Said the flat chest with the sh*tty umbrella.”

“Ah. That’s where I’m different than girls like you… I’m proud of my A+ size.”


“I’ll f**king beat you like a Cherokee drum with my so-called sh*tty umbrella.”


Oh dear. The enemy hasn’t revealed themselves and there was already some in fighting. Somehow, everyone would noticed a naked Honolulu Coralheart and a clothed Barbara Folklore going toe to toe with each other, face against face, glares versus glares, and lady fangs bared. If someone doesn’t guide the party soon, it might fall apart before the battle had begun.

There was even a a mysterious figure by the name Soularous Darkborn wielding flames looking for a battle from Fairytail.....Oh sh*t, h-he's here already!?

"Hello, fairytail, Hello........other wizards. I'm Soularous Darkborn." He made fire in his hands. "Let's play."

”Did everyone else get out?! Why is this happening?!”

Nessa had the strong urge to cry but she forced that into the back of her mind. This was not the time or place for any of that right now.

She was not the toughest girl, the strongest mage, or a natural-born leader, but she cared about her guild mates. She would do whatever necessary to help them. If that meant locking away her fear and putting on a brave face, then so be it. Nessa would try her best.

…Wh-what? What was this shining light burning in Nessa Barren’s eyes!?

“Zander and Mikasa, please engage that mysterious mage! I’m going to extinguish the flames, I’ll support you when I get them all out! Ceci watch my back! Jack you can... Umm, maybe just hide away somewhere? Try not to get hurt”

Ah. Nessa Baren.

You are only a Mage who specialized in Potion making, yet you’ve display courage and tenacity time and time again. Whether it be fighting a cult guild upon a flying airship, battling guild-hunting mercenaries, freeing Ansette Snow from her past at Red Rose Guild, to even your endeavors in the Ice King Arc. All that you have succeeded and accomplish, honestly, you would have earned more than just the Victoria Cross.

To see that stunning flare in your heart even in a time of crisis, truly warms up the flames of passion in this narrator.


---Mr. Zander Barren, you realize the enemy was coming towards you and—


--------Mr. Barren?


--------------Mr. Barren? Hello? Good sir? Great Mage Barren?






Yes, eyes up here, not at Honolulu or Amelia’s hearts.



It’s okay. This is the first time you’ve seen something beautiful under a girl’s clothing. There’s a first for everyone… even this narrator in junior high’s first day in all girl’s P.E…… Never felt so flat compared to the others… (Sob).

*Cough* *Cough*… A malevolent smile worked itself on Zander’s face.

He would happily engage this mage. If he was looking for a fight he was eager to oblige. The rush of a battle made his heart flutter with excitement. Usually being in this situation invigorating him, but now he felt as though he was actually defending something. He was fighting for Fairytail.

He hurried off towards the figure, waiting for nothing. For better or for worse, once his mind was set on a fight he could think of nothing else.
Once he was close enough to the enemy he raised an arm. Once he made a fist two large spikes formed from the surrounding rubble, rising up into the air.

“Soularous Darkborn was it?! Let’s do this thing!!”

"(D-don't ignore me until now!) A-ahem--Hello, fairytail, Hello........other wizards. I'm Soularous Darkborn." He made fire in his hands. "Let's play."

“Oi, oi. This is our show. So don’t come and steal our thunder. It’s just bad practice, you know.”

There were three parties. One was Nessa Company, consisting of Fairy Tail Mages: Nessa Barren, Zander Barren, Barbara Folklord, M.I.K.A.S.A., Cecilia Alcott, Jack O’Donnell, Amber Leonard, and Honolulu Coralheart. The second party was Soularous Darkborn, the new leader of the Dragon Heart Dark Guild.

The third, was someone neither party recognized or knew in advanced. The voice belonged to a young man in what looked like a uniform students in a Japanese highschool would wear. As if to show his defiant side, he had the blazer unbuttons and parts of his dress shirt ruffled and half tucked and half out from behind his belt. A pair of headphones was on his head, but it wasn’t connected to any music, as if solely meant to block out the ‘noise from the world outside’.

On his face, there was a notable yellow band-air one of his cheeks, as if he had been in a fight recently and it still hadn’t healed (or, he put it on to both show his defiant side and to get the ladies). In his one hand, he carried a rather dull looking knife. It wasn’t the type a housewife would use to cut up vegetables, neither was it the type teenagers would carry in their pockets to open cardboard wrapping.


It was a military knife, with serrated spine to add in double the pain should the knife plunge into a body. It was light enough to be held in one hand with a lazy grip, and strong enough to endure piercing bone. It made for an excellent steak knife when in the great out doors. But again, it was dull, as if used over and over and over.

“I seriously don’t know if this is a little reunion or a messed up battle royale, but I have my instructions. I know for sure the people on my right, are from the guild called Fairy Tail, right?”

For now, let’s call this man – Yellow Bandage.


“Honestly, not much of a challenge. I was really expecting a guild full of cute girls with overpowered skills that would make a perfect plot for an animation or something… I’m not interested in watching another copy-paste harem.”


Jack O’Donnell wasn’t a Mage, but that didn’t mean he was the type to run away from a fight… actually, he would, and he was about to just sneak off and make an excuse to help civilians escape. To be honest, that would be the most sensible decision… however.

“I don’t like your character design. You’re just a copy of myself, only messier. Button up that shirt boy.”

“Says the guy who I go to the same highschool.”

“I may be late every time due to unfortunate circumstances that ruin my record – but I clearly know you've never once showed up to any of my classes.”

“Tch. I hate it when I can’t come up with a good counter argument.”

A little p*ssed, Yellow Bandages hefted the military knife in his hands. As the wind blew the flames into his direction, it was clear he wasn’t here for kicks and giggles. On top of his open blazer, what used to be his school uniform was ripped off, to be replaced by a peculiar symbol.

A red fleur d’lis… or, what looked like it. In face, it was the fleur d’lis, a national symbol in a certain nation that makes great wine… only it was upside down. It looked like a shoot-star, leaving a trail of red in its wake.

… A symbol of another guild perhaps.

“Ride the Waves Darling~☆.”


Honolulu Coralheart and Barbara Folklord had stopped fighting. They had came to an agreement – first kick this young man’s @ss, then go back to threatening to shove questionable items up their rear ends.

Naked Honolulu only had to stomp her bare feet into the ground, forcing the Earth to bulge up and move like a giant wave in an ocean. And Dainty Barbara simply had to lower her open umbrella, spin it in her hand, and each colored segment of her umbrella top fired a pulsing focused energy bolt, with the efficiency of a Maxim Machine gun!


Yellow Bandage was the target, he was going to be hit by both the Earth Wave and the Umbrella Bolts… even so, he was doing his best to not yawn. And he lazily swung his knife.





The two maidens made noises at the exact moment. Because what they saw, startled more than their fragile bodies.

A yellow cloud fell out from the swing of the blade. The way it trailed off the edge, was like someone swinging a pale of water across their front porch. It scattered across the heated air, rising and falling from the radiation of the flames.

And then—It melted the Earth Wave and each rapid firing Umbrella Bolts. Just, dissolved, like acid to metal.



Honolulu and Barbara didn’t know what to say. The idea of releasing a second volley would be first on their minds, but their rationale clearly knew it was pointless.

Maybe… that is why Yellow Bandages was suppressing his urge to yawn.

“I really don’t want to think, that I woke up 6:00 in the f**king morning just to watch a kid’s show.”



In the end, they gave up on rationale and tried again. This time, they went straight for the high-level spell casting, to amplify their powers. The Wave Mage forced both the Earth AND Fire to bunch up and charge down the lane as if it was a massive tidal wave that surfers dare not challenge. Barbara Folklore slide her hand up the shaft of her umbrella, and a pulsing net made of white light unfolded to form a burning silk cage. Both were devastating in their own right…


“…Oi! Lackey! You were given the order to support me, so do your job! I’m not into S&M, but I’m already half a mind to report you to ‘That Crazy Woman’ to take care of your obedience!”

“… Y-yes sir.”

Nessa Barren. Amber Leonard. From your angles combined, you spotted someone approaching into the battlefield. Walking out from behind Yellow Bandages, was a frail looking woman. She had onyx black hair, that was darker than space itself, and her fidgeting eyes were a dull red like a garnet left alone in a cave for god knows how long. In her small shaking hands, she clutched onto a white book. No one know what was the contents, but she reluctantly opened it with shaking fingers to read inside.



“Y-yes sir!”

Let us call her White Book. The girl nearly dropped her prized item as she flipped through the pages. She found the one she was looking for, she closed her eyes, and—

"... L'amour est un oiseau rebelle...Que nul ne peut apprivoiser..."

French. A lovely language that could hold so much emotion in every verb, adjective, and noun. When one sings in such beautiful language, a whole new melody seems to flow out, smoother than fine silk and long-lasting than a church bell.

"Et c'est bien en vain qu'on l'appelle. C'est lui qu'on vient de nous refuser~!"

One by one, White Book took small sweeping steps, as if dancing to her own tiny ballet. Her arms, her feet, they all swung in rhythm with the flow of her song. The more she dove deeper into the romance of this exotic samba, the more the air around her shimmered.


Do you know this song?... It is from the one of the most memorable symphonic plays in history, enchanting thousands and thousands of audiences for generations - Habanera, or better recognized as Carmen.

The song: 'L'amour est un oiseau rebelle' (Love is a Rebellious Bird)


“What’s this glow around him? Guh? D-don’t tell me it’s amplifying his base attack power by double!? No good, she has to be a Bard Mage in order to do that!”

Honolulu Coralheart made an excellent observation.

Bards. You love them, you hate them. They were a very special class of magic casters that are neither spellthrowers, magic artillery, and not even close to healer class. Rather, they possess their own arcanic tree that flows with a completely different conduit.

And it’s all produced and controlled by music. Whether it be a simple flute, a hand-held, viola, or even a big@ss Cello, Bards have the ability to manipulate the sound waves in song and music – to create a magical effect.

They were well suited for bolstering the bases attack stats of one or more individiuals in a party.

Namely, White Book supporting Yellow Bandage.

“This isn’t really necessary as my power alone is enough to defeat you, but it would take hours. Now, I can finish you off with just a flick of my wrist, and go back home to finish Soul Dark in time for the next release.”

The callous Yellow Bandage, covered in a mystical white aura, only had to flick his knife in the general direction. A burst of yellow fog the size of a doom cloud appeared. It instantly devoured and melted away the giant Earth and Fire Wave rolling across the ground, as well as dissolving the Gazeebo made of silk light.

Before, it took 5 minutes to destroy their spells. Now, with the Bard’s help, it took five seconds… a drastic leap.

“So, who wants to be the first casualty. I’m not going to waste my time and telling you your rights, I’ve been given strict orders to execute on sight. Don’t bother with last words, I won’t remember them.”

“Th-that’s mean, s-sir.”

“Shut up and sing or I’ll dip up into an acid vat by the toe!”


… What will you do, Fairy Tail? Your guild is burning, your friends are scattered in the blazing hot winds? You don’t know where is the First Guild Master is, neither her Second Guild Master, Ansette Snow.

This was a time where any creature in the Darwinian World had to make a critical decision. Fight or flight?

What do you choose? How will you proceed?

Only you – have the right to decide your fate and destiny!


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