(RedSword and SnowFairy) This is -NOT- the START LINER

More rockets started to fall Shane looked at blizzard. “Hold on we are going to run” said Shane. Sprinting down the street he ended up in front of the Fairy Tail guild. He looked around and saw others he assumed were form the guild, running up to them yelling “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?” breathing hard. The owl in his shoulder looks in to the sky and ask, “who is attacking the city?” speaking perfectly the owls voice of an old wise man.

Shane Whitestone.

This narrator apologizes. You are a promising young mage who wanted to strike your chance at the golden mountain called happiness and opportunity. It is unclear as to what exactly was your backstory, but surely you could erase all the negative aspects in your past life by starting anew in Magnolia, the city of the Guild called Fairy Tail. You even received a personal invitation by a certain 130 centimeter young girl who was obsessed with chasing down fairies and adding them to her collection—Cough.

However, you’ve somehow stumbled onto an obscene sight called war. It’s tragic really, seeing all of your hopes, your dreams, and your future being burnt to ashes. Even with your Magic Cards, your pet Owl Hedwig—Sorry, Blizzard, there is no way you can Expelliarmus your way out of this mess.

“…Merry Christmas… Happy Birthday.”

That didn’t mean you will be alone for the remainder of this adventure. There was a small voice behind you. It wasn’t hostile, if it had a dagger in hand it would have gone for the coup d’grace before you would notice the steel touching your throat.

Neither did it soundfriendly. Not to say it was neutral it was just… it somehow felt like it didn’t make any sense.

“Hmm… The flames are too cold… This is an unsatisfactory setting for introduction. Hmm.”

Shane Whitestone, you will turn around to see a beautiful girl – covered in hundreds of stitches. She looked like she was a living example of plastic surgery gone wrong. She had patched of stitched skin that was darker than the rest of her pale skin, chocolate-tan to be precise. Although the stitches weren’t obvious enough to ruin her lovely complexion of a young girl in her seventeens, it was evident enough to see she may had been in some fatal accident……. Or… she chose the wrong plastic surgeon.

“Look alive left. Military Two Step back. Knight to E6.”

The girl made no sense. You know it wasn’t the flames distorting the air or the collapsing of buildings mumbling her words. She clearly made no coherent understanding for you. It was like watching a show you know by heart, but dubbed in another language (Japanese of course, only if you don’t know it).

Yet somehow, deep in your mind, you felt like you should listen. Possibly, you might have taken two steps back and one to the left. If you did that, then that was a good thing.

A bullet clearly missed your head by two inches.

“Rashomon. Full Auto.”

The girl with white and dark patches of stitched skin opened up her small hand. Dust and ashes from the fallen trees suddenly gathered under her open fingers forming a small orb of moving ashes. Bit by bit, the ashes grew longer and wider to become some kind of sword made of living magical ash. Some of the ripped dead bark from the trees attached to the edges of the blade, resembling a Korean Style Branch-Sword.

All she did was hop one step close to you, Sir Shane, and she had her face only one inch away from your nose. She plunged the blade through you… or rather, under your left arm.



Shane Whitehorse, someone got stabbed behind you. You would crane your neck to see a solder covered in solid black armor like lava get ripped open by the Korean Branch Sword.

“…….. Do not give me thanks. Give me your money.”

That was a your welcome by the way… and, no, no. Put your wallet away, she didn’t really need any money. This strange girl was named—

“Ba. Bi. Bu. Be. Bo.”

--Nightmare Before.




"Never a dull moment," she thought to herself. Sometimes it was good, sometimes it was ba-what was that hissing sound?”



Kicking open the doors just as Ansette Snow’s magical timer ran out, she flung the two of them into an underground den, slamming the doors behind her as explosions sounded. At least they were…sort of safe. "Mavis, are you okay?" Ansette asked, sighing as she dragged them further down into the dark in case the doors blew out, keeping their hands interlocked so her really, really, really (x10 000) good friend didn't trip, her glowing eyes small pinpoint guides in the dark.


Mavis Vermillion was singed. Ansette Snow, you don’t know how this happened. The moment you noticed the missile lodged in the ground, you’ve already set up the necessary precautions to stop time, move yourself to a safe distance, and let it explode. So it was impossible for a ‘paused’ explosive to wound your really, really (x100 000) friend – right after pushing the stop on the remote button.

It was like, activating the pause button, but the game was still going – hence you were attacked while you were changing the settings on subtitles on/off, gamma brightness, and voice from English to Japanese (or vice versa).

… Ansette Snow, deep down you may realize… that firework missile, may have been built with some anti-magic properties. Specifically designed to wound and maim Mages that could resist or block physical explosions. Although the initial damages were dampened, it still 'bled' or 'splashed' through the main defenses to at least deal half damage. Regardless how one prepares, this missiles was meant to still deliver pain - it only depended on how much it could deal.


The First Guild Master of Fairy Tail, a girl who was less than 130 centimeters tall and was obsessed about chasing after imaginary fairies. A girl who had hopes and dreams of building a wonderful guild to share happy memories and gather friends to form a large family through the generations.

…She was lying on the half-finished ground of the underground den… covered in soot, and smoking from anti-magic explosive.

It was unclear if she was breathing or not.


Ansette Snow, you might feel like crying. You can’t tell if your really, really (x100 000) good friend was critically injured. You see no blood nor open wounds, yet Mavis Vermillion hasn’t uttered a single sound.

The reason was clear, she was—


“I’m mad.”



“… I’m very mad… Snow Fairy… I don’t think I’ve been this mad since I realized you went of on an adventure on your own…….. No. This bitter emotion in my heart is beyond simply being disappointed of not being able to join you on your recent trip…….. No. I realize, I’m not just mad. I’m enraged.”

The less than 130 centimeter Guild Master wasn’t breathing. It was clear, however, her body was moving. It first started with pitiful shivers… to strong quivering… to confident shaking. It wasn’t out of fear, or despair. No, even a Criminal Behavioral Analysis officer could tell her body language didn’t say she was afraid and needed protection.

She was downright hopping mad.

“Snow Fairy… I don’t know what to do… this is the first time I’ve been this angry… I have this strong urge to punch someone into the ground, until they can’t get back up and laugh at me again… This violent tendency isn’t like me… yet I feel I would have zero regret if I deliver all of my wrath to whoever did this to my guild… my home... my fairies' nest.”

Mavis Vermillion stood up. Like a fallen hero who was beaten into the ground by the Boss, she rose back up to her feet. Wearing only her school-style swimsuit, there were already holes burned through the tough elastic and rubber like fabric. Patches of dirt, and fresh scrapes were all over her beautiful small legs. Even her feet were dirty.

Her face, was covered in black soot… and heavily stained with tears.

Tears of bottled up rage.

Even up to this very point, Mavis Vermillion did her very, very, VERY best to keep her smile on her lips.

"…Mavis, what should we do?"

“It’s obvious isn’t it, Snow Fairy. We should greet our guest with everything we have.”

Ansette Snow… you can see two tiny fist curled up so tightly, it was drawing blood from how her nails dug into her skin. A rocket that was about to explode, even before it could lift off.

“… Snow Fairy… As the First Guild Master of Fairy Tail – I, Mavis Vermillion, am officially declaring war on those responsible for this tragedy.”

The banner of conflict had been triggered. It was time to gather the scattered Fairies, and repel the invaders. FOR FAIRY TAIL!


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