(Everyone) ALL WORLD take to STAGE FRONT

“… I wish I had a cup of tea to enjoy this view.”

Burning. Crumbling. Ashening. The entire city that was Magnolia was constantly being pelted by one volley after another of mystical firework missiles. They splattered across the stone roof tiles and ignited everything as it bled out and stained the city roads.

No sooner, there were men covered in special magma-black and red armor, charging into the flames. It was as if their armor was specifically designed to resist and repel heat, to fight in hot condition even if it was a mobile platform in the pit of a volcano.

Who were they people? What grudge did they have against the city? How was it possible to have this much malice towards a single guild.

“…Fairy Tail… no matter how many times I wash away that cruel memory from my heart, your victory over me will always leave a bitter taste… I can’t even enjoy a decent cup of tea without adding salt to it now. Hmph.”

The was a man, standing on a silent hill. The distance from the nearest burning building or gate, was about 300 meters. The section of earth he stood on was unviolated by the fire, its green flesh pristine, but not completely chaste. Surrounding him were flag poles, tent legs, and even a series of fences that could be impaled into the ground at a moment’s notice, and easily taken down again. The materials and the equipment found, were cheap but durable. They were specifically deigned to be able to install and raised quickly and taken down just as fast. If wanted, one could build a three story castle out of wood and planks in a fortnight.


Like a camp or mobile headquarters in the middle of the battlefield. Once the enemy had retreated, the main command base will move up to keep track of their units and provide strategic counter-offensive. Or, to fall back a few paces should the enemy come to close to the command post.

That man looked like a captain, but he wore a uniform that was neither the Air Force in the skies nor the Armed Forces on the ground. Rather, it looked like a Naval uniform, the rank of first class captain. Held in his hands like a cane, was a long curved sword. A Katana, so to speak, with its decoration to show he was an officer of high status. Maybe, years ago his uniform would have been a deep noble blue. Now, it was black as coal and framed with garnet red.

… Something was familiar about him?... What was his name again?


“Hmph. Fairy Tail. I shall never forget the day you appeared before my Mayhem Light Guild in your reckless fantasy of justice.”


“I shall never forgot those smiles on your faces, when you buried my entire organization under rock and rubble…”

“…………. Sa’ke………….Sa. Ke.”

“Ha-ha-ha. If I cannot redeem my broken pride in this generation, then my future descendants will surely avenge me. My entire family line will not rest until—”


Let’s be clear. This man’s name was not Sa’ke. It sounded like a Japanese Rice Wine that is popular in the island nation. Rather, his true name was so bland and boring, people would forget what it was right after he introduced himself. And it wasn’t the time where people should feel rude or guilty in not remembering it… his real name really didn't stand out much.

So, he preferred to call himself, Nameless.



“…The next time you want to get my attention, tap my shoulder like a regular person – don’t go around throwing around your wooden sandals at others! It’s not lady like!”




Nameless, the former leader of the Mayhem Light Dark Guild. It used to be an independent organization that mixed both scientific advancements and magic development. They were aimed in creating magic and technologically based war weapons and machine. They had the desire to invade Fiore, many of its key locations. Like an army… but it was thanks to a certain group of heroic Fairies, those dreams were crushed indefinitely.

This naval captain who carried his katana like a walking cane, was the only artifact left of that once ambitious Dark Guild. Somehow, he had survived the cataclysm, and was now siding with a new force.

A force that had amassed an army of black and red soldiers, platoons of magical firework artillery, and even several waves of armed Calvary men in black scales and dragon lances on stand by.

They all carried and bore the symbol of their entire unit. The banner that yelled out to the world, it was here to defy every order and government known to Mage kind. An army, a clan, a large military force – dedicated to one thing and one thing only—

“*Gulp* *Gulp* *Gulp*…… Phuu, much better. My withdrawal symptoms have been getting worse. Please don’t delay me whenever I asked for a drink.”

“You look like a 130 cm kindergartener, yet you’re an alcoholic. If it weren’t for the fact that I need your power to exact my revenge on those Fairies, I would have dragged you to the nearest police station and have your parents discipline you.”

“Fu-fu-fu. How crass. For my own flesh and blood vassal to be saying such crude things. I pay you. I feed you. I’ve trained you. You should at least show some pride that this General was in a good mood to accept you under her wing when you were at your lowest.”

“… You threw up on my show and had no pocket money to reimburse me.”

“Would you like me to execute you?”

“Just act like a General or I’ll add you to my list of people I want to cut down.”

… There… was this super awkward tension going on in the main camp of the enemy. Like mentioned, it was surrounded by a series of wooden fences and canvases that could be raised and removed at the drop of a hat. The efficiency dedicated to this speed, cleanliness, and organization could only be befitting on soldiers in a military.

Nameless was in that base himself. And he was yelling at what looked like to be a young girl in thick pitch black coats and military cap, with golden frames and vines trailing down her dark hair. Yes, she was small, so small a policewoman would mistaken her for a girl getting lost. Yet, the clothing she had on her body fitted her so well – no lesser soldier or guard were laughing or making fun of her.

The moment she even mentioned the taboo word ‘execute’ made the bigger of guards rattle in their black armor.

In her one hand, there was an exotic magical musket resting by her wooden and iron throne. In her other hand, was a plate-like sa’ke cup. It was being filled up by the mane who preferred to call himself Nameless. It was unclear if she was lazy to fill it herself, or she was stubborn and upheld the etiquette or having others graciously fill your cup before she filled theirs.

… The curtains and canvases that were described carried a symbol. It was the fleur d’lis… an upside down fleur d’lis that looked like a shooting star leaving a trail of fire. It was the color red, over the color black.

It was a marking, of a guild… not a just a mage guild, neither was it a Dark Guild.

It was a Guild – meant to annihilate all the strong guilds and unite the rest under one banner. The Guild that will rule over all guilds. No, this has nothing to do a magic ring that needed to be dropped in a volcano to be destroyed. This was Unification. To force all guilds and orders to fly one banner and one banner alone.


Like a certain Demon King of the Sixth Heaven, and his ambitions to unify a shattered Japan.

This girl’s name was—

“Listen up, my vassals! My peons! My soldiers! Today, we will mark a new page in the history of this pitiful continent. No longer will the selfish Guilds who act on the false name of Justice walk over your pride any more. No longer will they exist to ruin your homes with their reckless powers. No longer will you bow your heads to these so-called Mages of righteousness, and allow them to take away your treasure for their greed, your sons and daughters as war slaves and servants… NEY! WE WILL NO LONGER CARRY THAT SHAME ON OUR SHOULDER!”

The girl was 130 centimeters. She could easily be mistaken by a Policewoman as a girl who was lost on her way home. Regardless of her formal regalia – there was something in her booming voice that demanded respect, dignity, and justice.

It was like – the calling of hope in the moment of darkness. The horn in the fog that guides the lost ships. The trumpet that will spur on the wildest charges in the Battle of Gettysburg.

Every soldier who hear her voice, snapped to attention, a look of pride blazing in their eyes. They now see this burning town of Magnolia, as an enemy they’ve despised for millennia. And it was in this moment… where their rage was released with a single pull.


A giant wave of blasting roars filled the sky. It was more cruel than a cheer, more vicious than a battle cry. It was just a raw scream of anger, that had been bottle up for so many years. The pain of being oppressed, the guilt of having being walked over, and the bitterness they’ve held in their heart from the beginning.

Now, it was being released, like the awakening of a giant monster that could erase half a city in a single breath.

… There was no turning back now.

“The fools are so occupied by their so-called Civil War, that they’ve left their backs completely open. It hasn’t been 10 days, and already 15 Guilds are either destroyed or are under my feet and banner… I like this feeling, of control over the strongest… Hu-hu.”

“Little girl. You’re shaking.”

“Th-that’s why you-you have to p-provide a steady sup-supply of sa’ke for my bloodstream! J-just yelling f-from my gut has drawn a-a lot of energy from my body!”

“You’re such a hassle! Just get an IV Line!”

“I just need a drink, I don’t need to look like an idiot doing so!”

Nameless scowled. As much as he was a strong Mage with a unique magic that involved whispering commands to release stored energy in his katana, he still submitted to the 130 centimeter girl in black regalia, pouring a bottle of Rice Wine into her plate-like cup. She downed the hatch the second it was filled to the brim.

“… Phuu… Better.”

“I’m leaving.”

“Heh? So soon, Mr. No-Name brand? The operation has just started.”

“Exactly. There is something I need to take care of first, before your soldiers screws things up and make a mess… My revenge won’t be sated if I kick dead bodies.”

Nameless picked up his katana, using it as a walking cane. He was leaving behind the so-called General of the Black Armored Army. He received no permission to leave her side, yet no one stopped him. Maybe, it was his talents that made everyone respect him or feared him.

That, or it seemed he was the General girl’s favorite Sa’ke pourer. It was unclear.

“Remember, Mr. No-Name. You belong to me, mind and body. I give you freedom to walk around and do as you please, but you must remember one simple thing.”

The 130 centimeter girl in all black and gold regalia smiled, taking a gentle sip from her Sa’ke cup. Let us call her Black Cup.

“ALL WORLD will tolerate no survivors.”

“I am aware of that. And it’s in my every intention to uphold that vow, in my own way.”

The horns are howling. The flags are raised. Spears and swords are drawn. It was no an all out war, on the horizon, with a Civil War fragmenting the land and an army flying a black flag attempting to unified it under a crude creed.

…Where will this chaos go? How will it end?

Let us see how the Faeries will see through this frightening ordeal, to the final conclusion.


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