Nightmare Before and her eyes.

As the body dropped behind him he could hear it hit the ground with a clank he looked back forward. He stood there shocked not knowing what was happening. Blizzard flew off his should His white wings flapping vigorously saying “what have you got me in to this time.” The owl turns and weaves as he goes up in to the sky. Gazing in to her eyes Shane smiles as he speaks softly but loud enough to be herd “thank you for saving me lovely lady, it is not every day I get saved and meet a lady like you.”

Everything seemed to slow around him as he focused on her eyes. He was not sure what to feel at that moment. This girl this lady saves him from death. His heart was pounding with excitement was it her or the conflict happening around him. “What is your name” he asks her softly still one inch from her face. Not even taking his eyes off hers. He opens his hand and three cards appearing in it he whispers “Roses” the cards melt in to tree red roses with gold trim on the outer edge of the roses. the Stem green with little thorns. “Accepted this token of gratitude little lady” as he raises the roses up next to her.

The conflict still raging around them building still burning the smell of smoke getting thicker he could her more troops coming but he did not want to lose this moment. He could feel Blizzard swoop by overhead “Stop flirting and get a move on, more are coming, and they don’t look like they want a drink with you.” Blizzard said irritated as the owl turns in the air a blast of fire goes by his wing. The owl barrel roll and dose a hard turn to the left and fly’s higher. “Now sir Whitestone!” the owls shouts.

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