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Amber was naked, almost naked anyways. She didn't think things would be this bad, so she regretted in taking off her suit. She was only in her bra and panties, even with all the fires going on and making things too stuffy she still felt cold to her skin enough to get goosebumps. Now Fairy tail and the city were under attack! Was Mavis and Ansette okay? She didn't see them. And where is everyone when they were needed.

Yeah, they had Nessa, her brother Zander, Honolulu, Mikasa, Barb, and even Jack, but everyone else were out of town on missions. She didn't know if Falaranion was back yet, he told her before he was going out to see the Magic Council for a week. She prayed he was alright and didn't come back in time to see this.

"We have to do something," AMber barked while covering her breasts from the flames, she turned to the naked Lulu "We have to get some kind of clothing, don't you have anything on hand?"

“Gah, no good. The Guild is burnt through and through. There’s no way there’s any clothing inside could survive the flames. It’s unfortunate, there are no fire fighting departments who specialize in rescuing dresses… let alone, they can’t scream for help like a regular person.”

"Damn," Amber cursed. her own luggaeges and clothing were inside of the guild. She didn't bother to learn any magic to store extra clothing, because she wanted to spend her time and improving both her Light Spear and other high battle magic. Now she regretted her stupidity even more. "Come on, let's just make do and see what we can do, There's still people who need our help!"

“…Pfff. You’re not that big.”

“Said the flat chest with the sh*tty umbrella.”

“Ah. That’s where I’m different than girls like you… I’m proud of my A+ size.”


“I’ll f**king beat you like a Cherokee drum with my so-called sh*tty umbrella.”

"Guys, focus!" snapped Amber. How could Lulu and Barb be fighting at a time like this. Everything was burning down their heads, they had to man up to the plate and take action. "Who cares about breast sizes. let's just say mine are the biggest and leave it at that!" Amber glanced at Mikasa and Nessa. They were both a consideratesize, but she didn't want to make it sound more awkward than it was. So she left it at that and started to drag people around to get their attention.

"Okay, so here's the plan, we need to," Amber trailed off, noticing Zander staring at her. She turned redder than her hair. Kid must be seeing a naked girl for the first time, just the innocent look on his face says it all. She coughed loudly to make him stop looking at her bra-covered breasts to get his attention. "Not now kid, later."

"Hello, fairytail, Hello........other wizards. I'm Soularous Darkborn." He made fire in his hands. "Let's play."

”Did everyone else get out?! Why is this happening?!”

Before Amber could answer Nessa's question, she saw something flashing widlly in the air. She looked up, seeing this man with jet black wings and a scary look on his face, "Is he responsible for all this?" she wondered and immediately snarled, "Hey you! Come down here and fight me! You'll pay for what you did to Magnolia you bastard!"

“Zander and Mikasa, please engage that mysterious mage! I’m going to extinguish the flames, I’ll support you when I get them all out! Ceci watch my back! Jack you can... Umm, maybe just hide away somewhere? Try not to get hurt”

"Alright, I'll lay down covering fire then. Light Spears!" Amber held one arm over her breasts while she swung out her other hand. She launched a series of hard-light spears into the air like rockets and tried to hit the flying man. She hoped maybe she could hit his blackwings, he'll tumble and she could quickly finish him off!

“Oi, oi. This is our show. So don’t come and steal our thunder. It’s just bad practice, you know.”
"Who?" Amber turned to the new voice that came up from behind everyone. She then saw this wierd boy walking through the fire, all non chalant and everything. He was muttering about how this was awaste of his time, the pissant, Amber thought. "Hey, who the hell do you think you are? Are you the one who did this to Fairy Tail?"

“Honestly, not much of a challenge. I was really expecting a guild full of cute girls with overpowered skills that would make a perfect plot for an animation or something… I’m not interested in watching another copy-paste harem.”

"Shut up! LIGHT BLADES, FIRE!" Amber screamed as she used both of her hands to throw her magic forward. She turned her light energy into a series of flying curved daggers that spin rapidly like bandsaws. She along with Lulu and Barb combined their magic to attack this one guy. Amber thought it was going to be a direct hit when,


Yellow Bandage was the target, he was going to be hit by both the Earth Wave and the Umbrella Bolts… even so, he was doing his best to not yawn. And he lazily swung his knife.




The two maidens made noises at the exact moment. Because what they saw, startled more than their fragile bodies.

A yellow cloud fell out from the swing of the blade. The way it trailed off the edge, was like someone swinging a pale of water across their front porch. It scattered across the heated air, rising and falling from the radiation of the flames.

And then—It melted the Earth Wave and each rapid firing Umbrella Bolts. Just, dissolved, like acid to metal.

"Holy shit!" the redhead uttered when she saw their own magic just dissolve like it was paper set on fire. She couldn't belive it, her own spears turning into primordial ooze. It smelled terrible too, exactly how acid would smell after burning something. Amber took some steps back, hoping to not get any of the yellow splash on her bare skin. Without clothes, her skin was screwed and she didn't want to suffer acid burns like that.

"Guys, we have to try again! This time, hit him harder and faster, go around his range of attack!" Amber commanded. She never thought of herself as a leader, but in the past with all the fighting with Mayhem Light, Red Rose, and even the Ice King, she knew she had to step up and take charge when Mavis wasn't around, "LIGHT FORCE HAMMER!"



Amber, Barb, and Lulu launched their magic again, this time in a bigger cluster. They hoped they could get some attacks in on the baddie, but he suddenly called out a girl from behind him holding a small book, and forced her to sing.

The song was beautiful, and she didn't really understand how Bard magic worked. She heard about it bolstering allypowers, but never seen it in action. Now, she kind of hated the magic because of how effective this Knife kid could erase her and her friend's magic just like that.

"You cheaters," Amber said with gritted teeth. She was angry, half-naked or not. She really wanted to punch this guy in the face, but didn't dare to charge or else she would be next to melt by his yellow knife.

… What will you do, Fairy Tail? Your guild is burning, your friends are scattered in the blazing hot winds? You don’t know where is the First Guild Master is, neither her Second Guild Master, Ansette Snow.

This was a time where any creature in the Darwinian World had to make a critical decision. Fight or flight?

What do you choose? How will you proceed?

Only you – have the right to decide your fate and destiny!

"Obviously," Amber saidwith a small smirk on her face as she readied her hand and magic, "I'm definitely going to rock this guy's world with his ownmedicine! Who'se with me?"

----------------------- [HOLLY's POV]

Holly had been out for the last minute. The last deep bite took a toll on her body. She felt some kind of jolt in her system, that snapped her awake like she had a bad dream. Her body felt heavy like lead, difficult to move even a single limb. She hoped she could figure out what was happening before anything bad happen.

All she remembered was the girl she had just met biting her neck, feeling so much pleasure while her blood was drawn out, and her mind going in and out as she heard shouting and things falling to the ground.

She finally had her headcleared, when she saw this girl in the green cloak flying around on ropes and wielding two silver staffs (OOC so badass).


The girl with the moss-colored cape dove her two hands under the flaps, and wiped out a pair of silver staffs. They were both 1.5 meters long, slender in built, and identical in shape, with a pair of round gems stones embedded at their tips. As she flew in on the magical rope, she spung her body to build up inertia and then—

“1 meter long – 10 inches wide! The weak point is the fourteenth brick from the bottom up! ICE SPEARS!”

The flying soldier gripped at her two silver staffs, which released a cloud of frost. Ice billowed and brewed at the front of the staff, forming spearhead across them and reinforcing their piercing power.



"Wow!" Holly gasped when she saw the girl, Roma, flying around and slicing through the base of the falling clock tower. That was amazing, how did she do that the cat girl archer wondered. How was Roma able to smash through a thick brick wall with only her silver staffs like that, "What magic is this?"

By the time Holly sat up, she realized she was being held by Esthe. It looked like the personality that lulled her into a deep kiss (bite XP) had turned back to the shy and nervousgirl Holly had met earlier this morning. She wondered if she was a vampire, but found it odd how Esthe could walk aroundunder broad daylight, or withstand fire. Didn't vampires hate both?

"That was amazing, whoever you are," Holly called out, watching as Roma landed in front of them, "I'm Holly Camelot. Thisis my friend, Esthe. Who are you?"

“Okay. Whoever you two are, follow me! I need to find the Guild Master of Fairy Tail and warn her who is behind this attack! If you know their guild, show me the way and—ARE YOU TWO STILL SUCKING EACH OTHER’S FACES!?”

"That's rude," Holly snapped. Suddenly her admiration for Roma was brought down a bit because of the accusation. Holly wasn't into woman, but that didn't mean she would sleepwith any guy. Not to mention, she was Amber's royal bodyguard so she doesn't have time to date or something. Even her first kiss-bite was with Esthe, not that she'll admit it XP. "We aren't lesbians, right Esthe?"

Holly brushed the dust from her skirt before saying, "You said Fairy Tail right? I know the Guild, the princess, I mean my friend is a member. If you need to speak with their leader, I know the way." Holly then took in the blaze around her and a scary thought came to mind, "I wonder if her highness is alright," She whispered to herself. "Lady Amber, where could you be?"

And it begun by having a magical rope wrapped around your splendid torso.


"Hey, I can walk on my own, thank you very much," yelled Holly as she felt magical ropes grab her hips. She got hauled in after Roma along with Esthe, dragged around like wedding cans. It pissed her off, but she had to put that aside until they go and find Princess Amber in all the fire. She truly hoped she was alright, everything else didn't matter to her.

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