Face The Guild Master!

Falaranion’s blood was pumping!

Not in a good way though. His fight of flight instincts had kicked in and he’d just decimated a small group of wizards hunting Fairy Tail members. Right now his number one goal was to protect Geo, who had been shouting about something while Fal cleared out the enemies and made a path to the guild hall.

Racing through the ruins of Magnolia with Geo made his heart race with fear and worry. He had no idea what was happening aside from an invasion by multiple armies and that he had to return to the guild hall ASAP.

“Okay Geo, we’re nearly there! We just have to-“ Fal’s sentence dropped as he saw the current situation in front of the guild hall. Amber was half naked and fighting some dude, a bunch of people were fighting some flying dude, and he could sense fury. Something unmatched by anyone else here.

“Amber watch out!” The Dragon Slayer shouted as he leapt over to her side as the flying man sent a jet of Green Fire at her while her back was turned. A crackle of earth and a flash of energy later and Fal had pulled a stone shield up in front of himself and Amber in order to block the flames from melting her.

“What the hell is happening here?!” He shouted to Amber but before he could get an answer the man with dark wings began his monologue.

smiled, " I also don't fight little brats!" He threw a giant green fireball at her, " Disappear from my sight! I came to face Mavis."

Fal clapped his hands together and his wall of earth folded itself up and snapped the green fire up like the mouth of a hungry dragon. He grinned up at the man who sought Mavis and called “You want Mavis, you have to go through the Second Master: Me!” (Small reminder, Ansette and Falaranion share the same title although it’s implied he’s more of the 2.1th guild master.)

Fal slammed his foot into the ground and a pillar of earth launched him skyward at Soularous. The pillar broke apart and trailed after Fal before attaching to his fist to form a larger fist which Falaranion then swung at the man.

“EARTH DRAGON IRON FIST!” He shouted as shards of stone shot forward with his swing and his fist went in for a solid right hook to the face.

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