Holly and Amber's Ambition to Save the town!

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Esthe ran her hands through her hair, unable to think straight from what happened. She was back to her old shy self, so it was pretty darn hard to keep eye contact with anyone. "Lesbian... sure." Esthe sounded upset, but it was slightly unnoticeable. She looked at Roma and smiled. "Sorry for all of that. If I don't drink blood my mind goes crazy! So please forgive me for 'kissing' Holly." Esthe spoke softly and quietly.

"Oh so that's why you up and bit me," said Holly, taking in all of this new information. She wasn't clear on most magic and some of them needing blood, but she did heard some necromatic spells needing some blood for a ritual or to start something. She didn't have any clue so she shrugged it off and looked up at Esthe, who must have been looking sheepish for her actions, "I think I get the gist of it. And seeing how you can walk around in broad daylight, I don't think you're a vampire, right?"

Holly hoped Esthe wasn't a vamp, she had her fair run in with corrupted noble families who gave up their bodies just so they could assasinate the King and Queen, often times Amber when she was little, so they could take over the throne. It was obvious Holly could keep them at bay with her holy arrows, but they were still a pain in the ass to deal with. "Esthe is right, we should be moving. It's not safe staying in this place."

She felt worried, more for Amber. What could she be doing right now? Where was she, Holly wanted to know before anything happens to her. She really hoped that the redhead didn't get drunk again and was marching down the streets naked, that was a bad memory and Holly worked too hardin using magic to erase so many people's memory of that!

"Come, we must make haste. You, Roma right? We'll take you to the guild, so stop dragging us like horses!" Holly snapped, trying to uncoil the wires on her waist. They were tough, nothing she'd ever scene. She tried to cut it with her dagger, but either the rope squeezed her in defense or moved away from her blade touching it. What was this magic, she wondered.

"Esthe," called out Holly while she was towed like a broken truck, "What type of mage exactly are you?"

------------------------- AMBER'S POV now

"Shit when did that guy get behind me," cried Amber when she heard someone flapping above her. She looked up to see Soularis Darkborn, launching a clump of green fire down on her. She didn't have time to defend herself, especially without her suit that was enchanted to warn of her attacks from behind. She regretted stripping, period.

“Amber watch out!” The Dragon Slayer shouted as he leapt over to her side as the flying man sent a jet of Green Fire at her while her back was turned. A crackle of earth and a flash of energy later and Fal had pulled a stone shield up in front of himself and Amber in order to block the flames from melting her.

"Holy cow, Fal?" Amber squelaed when she saw the family stone shield magic. She turned to see Falaranion and his little sister Geo. Amber let out a sigh of relief, they were okay. Hell of a time to come back after their trip and see the town burning, but Amber will take reinforcement anytime of the day, "Glad you made it back Fal, all kind of shit had gone bad down here." She then looked around and noticed someone wasn't with him, "Hey, where did Olivia go? I thought she would be glued to you even now."

Knowing that crazy blonde girl being a yandere to Fal, there was no way she would leave him alone at a time like this. The redhead only hoped nothing bad happened, and she had to grind her teeth to keep that worry at bay.

Amber pointed at the flying mage and than at Yellow Knife guy and the singing girl, "We got three bogeys! I'm not sure if they're working together or the cause behind all this but, the knife and book girl are definitely together!" She then eyed the singing girl with a scowl to add, "I think she's some kind of Bard who can singg and boost her teammates powers, I'll deal with her! You try and see if you can take out McFly up there and Knife boy here." Amber braced herself for a big fight as she clenched her hands, "And watch out, Knife boy has this wierd magic that could melt down other people's magic!"

Without further ado, Amber launched another round of her light spears, coupled with small bullets of glowing emebr into the air. She was trying to surround the knife guy, to maybe distract him, but there might be a large chance his magic would just swallow it up all. She had to move fast.

"Lulu, back up Fal! Geo, I'm so happy to see you and I think I need your help!" called Amber. After getting permission from Fal to borrow his little sister, Amber quickly whispered to little Geo, "You're good at digging holes right, dig one up under that girl, we have to keep her from singing, okay? I'll cover for you!" Amber hoped this plan would work, while everyone was giving it their all to protect what was left of their guild!"

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