Fal vs Soularous BEGIN!

Fal legitimately growled when Soularous started introducing himself. As effortlessly as Soularous had dodged Fal's strike Fal avoided the black steel spikes jutting out of the ground toward him.

"Like I give a damn who you are. Nobody is getting near my guildmates!" Fal shouted and cupped his hands around the ball of acid that Soularous had thrown at him. A cheap shot, but Fal wasn't new to playing dirty. His hands solidified and encased the acid inside a ball of earth, which the Dragon Slayer proceeded to pitch back at Soularous like a professional baseball player throwing a fast ball. With his left hand he tore a chunk of the road up and with his right hand he started gathering gravel that got stuck in orbit around his arm. He accelerated the orbit and punched forward. A wave of force slammed into the large chunk of road and the gravel rotating around Fal's arm shot forward like a shotgun blast, peppering the road chunk. The chunk shot forward at Soularous like a cannon ball, but larger and faster.

"How about I keep you entertained for the moment." Fal muttered as he shot forward after the road piece, aiming to enter close quarter combat with whoever this dude was while taking in what Amber was shouting at him before she took Geo into combat with her.
OOC: I'd like to talk to you, Enderslayer, at one point about Soularous and his general makeup. I've got some concerns I'd like to voice. If you can, reply below.

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