To War

Ansette gave a sad smile as she watched Mavis, the short girl so angry. She couldn't say the destruction of their guild had affected her the same way. And it was that feeling that made her sometimes, sometimes, feel like she still hadn't properly settled her roots down, that she was bound to be on the move to the next guild if Mavis ever got tired of her.

That didn't mean she wasn't going to cling to Mavis like crazy. She was going to put her all into making this relationship last, mostly because she just…wanted to. Not just for the warmth. Mavis was special.

Gently hugging Mavis, Ansette sighed, glancing back up the stairs to their destroyed guild, her eyes glowing again. "Whatever you decide…I'm with you," Ansette mumbled, waving her hand as she ran her magic above them, using the other to help wipe herself and Mavis to make them more presentable. "We need a change of clothes, the guild back in order…" she mumbled, . "And you need to calm down a little. If we're going to war…we'll need to be at our absolute best."

"And before all of that," Ansette said, huffing slightly. "You need to take care of yourself too. Fairy Tail would fall apart without you Mavis…" Ansette murmured, getting her usual quiet back for a moment as she stared at Mavis, her (x10000) really good friend, before clearing her throat. "To war. Who are we ringing up first?"

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