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How Far Must One Go..

"Chaos... it's.... it's chaos."

Vapor stared up at the sky, his soldiers white eyes were the only fetures his dark and shadowy face had. And they were angry.

This was a war of guilds, he knew how much they meant, how far one could go if their guild was put to shame, but this? It wasn't worth this. Nothing should be worth this.

Fire and burned buildings surrounded the void mage, he stood in what would have been the city square hands in his pockets. He loved Magnolia. Had Just come back from a trip out of the kingdom, but to come back to this... It enraged him.

"All of this because of a stupid guild?!"

It was broken, but still recognizable from a mile away. The Fairy Tail guild hall. Then it was decided. He was going to find Mavis and give her a piece of his mind.

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