One shy blood mage!

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Esthe's face was red as she kept rubbing her hands together, trying her best to forget what had happened. This has happened before while Esthe was on a date with a girl. She reacted the same way. Being shy and jumpy at first, but soon snaps into a completely different person. She bit the poor girl she was on a date with. Sadly, That girl reacted horribly and was never to remain friends with Esthe again.

Esthe made sure to follow close behind Holly and Roma. She was in her own little world, fighting with the vamp inside her here. But luckily for her Holly spoke up which snapped Esthe out of her angry argument with the voices inside her head.

"Esthe," called out Holly while she was towed like a broken truck, "What type of mage exactly are you?"

"What type of mage am I? My grandfather said I was special... All I remember is being taken care of by my mom, Neso. She was a massive blood red dragon who soon disappeared once I woke up from a nap.. But My grandfather found me and took care of me, but she's gone. Grandfather said told me she probably has a mission or something. Since he believed she was a mage like me. I can do a lot of cool magic things with my blood and sometimes other people's blood." Esthe rubbed the back of her head as she looked downwards at the town. "What the hell is going on? If we wanna go to the guild, I think it's best if we hurry.." Esthe said nervously, As she watched all the destruction going on.

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