OOC - About Soularous

So, first things first, don't make another post to reply to this. Just comment on the post with the comment section that'll be below this post.

Second, Moon is a great narrator. One of the best in my opinion. She makes great stories and guides us through them. My job here is to oversee the background, such as characters and rules. I've been slacking on my job while this place has been a bit slow but I'm going to start here.

My biggest problem with Soularous is his Nigh-Immortality and his Regeneration. Having a character with Nigh-immortality and regeneration makes it very hard to deal with the character in question, especially in an action and combat based Roleplay. Giving him these abilities makes him nearly impossible to beat or even fight.

My second issue is his magic. Elemental Magic is fine, though I'd prefer you list out on his character page what elements he can control. There's far too many to be left as a general manipulation.

My issue with his magic lies with "Can make any elements out of nothing." Being able to make something from nothing isn't okay, it has to have a source.

Finally, his "Other Magic- Unknown" is an issue. Some things being kept secret is okay, but secret magics could become a problem in the sense that they can be changed in order to bullshit your way through a situation. It would be better for plot safety that it was made clearer what those unknown magics were. Metagaming (The act of giving real-world knowledge to your characters) is highly frowned upon here, so it won't be mentioned, but it's just a security problem.

Oh, and my last thing to note is please don't Godmod. This is just something I've got to start telling people who join. Hopefully, you know what Godmodding is, if not I can explain.

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