(AmbGalaxyCon+End) Remember the Fallen, Raise their Torch

"Lulu, back up Fal! Geo, I'm so happy to see you and I think I need your help!" called Amber. After getting permission from Fal to borrow his little sister, Amber quickly whispered to little Geo, "You're good at digging holes right, dig one up under that girl, we have to keep her from singing, okay? I'll cover for you!"

“Fu-fu-fu. Don’t look down on me because I’m in my birthday suit, young man. My dress is really a restraint to keep me from pummeling bad guys 10 feet into the ground. I hope you have insurance.”

“Uwa-uwa-uwa. M-Miss Amber is c-counting on me to do my part! I-I have to do my best and n-not fail her… uwa-uwa-uwa, m-my legs won’t stop shaking.”

Somehow, in that moment, a new duo was born. They were more terrifying than Bonny and Clyde, or more savage than Good Cop Bad Cop, maybe even craftier than two former Navy SEALs turned treasure hunters.

… In the end, the only thing that tore them apart was the height difference. One was tall with beautiful chocolate tan skin (naked) and the other was no higher than a person’s waist (fully clothed).

If they don’t trip over each other, it’s a miracle.

“Guwoooh! Little digger, wh-where are you going! The enemy is this way! Y-you’re going in the opposite direction!”

“I-I’m sorry! I’m sorry. B-but all this tensions makes me want to go to the bathroom.”

“Pee in a bottle.”


When you try to power a device that require a Double A battery, you never hand them Triple A battery and try an improvised work around to solve the equation. So always go for this (hand them the right battery type), not like this (offering clunky D or C cells), only villainous engineers does that.

“Come on little dirt submarine!”

“I-I don’t want that as my naaaaaaaame!”

In order to provide full support to the leading characters of Amber Leonard, Nessa Baron, and Falaranion Capolom, it was only natural specialized vanguard (read: cannon fodder) would leap to the battle stage first. To wear down the boss and leave the finishing blow to the main party.

So Honolulu Coralheart and Geo Mancer launched their all awaited counterattack!




Two magic ignited across the blazing battlefield. The first was released when Honolulu Coralheart stomped her two bare feet into the dry dirt. It turned the entire ground surface to ripple violently, distorting itself like a massive surf wave. It came charging right at Yellow Bandage.

He only groaned.

“What are you two b*tches doing? Are you even trying?”

Once again, he gave a lazy wave of his hand that held onto a dull knife. Yellow miasma was released and fluttered into a flock of powdered gas. It touched the incoming dirt wave, and it split the attack in two dissolving pieces.

“You really need to learn to up your ga—GUWOOOH!?”

The enemy from ALL WORLD let out a yelp. For the first time. It was simple.

When the top half of the wave, a crest, fell across the ground harmlessly behind him, it started a second volley of magic. Hidden in the pile of dying dirt was a magical symbol, activated the moment it touched the ground behind the enemy.

The entire line of earth dropped under Yellow Bandage's feet, as if an inflatable just popped below his feet.

Creating a long winding trench like from World War 1.



“I-I’m sorry! I-I’m singing s-so you could be s-stronger! I-I can’t f-f-focus on two things a-at once.”


“I-I’m so sorry! P-please don't come up and p-pull my hair out anymore!”



The girl who used a support based singing magic let out a small squeak. It was because she didn’t see Barbara Folklord launching her body at her, slashing a kick into her face.

“Don’t worry sweetie. We’re girls so hitting each other is perfectly legal♥.”



Barbara Folklord bravely swung her beautiful leg into the White Book Girl. It was violent, that was for sure, but for the sake of exercising her thighs—Er, for the sake of her comrades she was willing to throw away her principle and defeat the enemy with one shin blow, she had to do it.


If only there wasn’t this last minute sonic barrier that caught her kick before it made contact with the target.


With a pulse, this last minute shield ejected her from the air. It threw her body to tumble aimlessly before she was smashed into the side of the burning Guild Hall…….After a quiet pause, her body unstuck itself and fell into a heap. Like a fist of potatoes up against the wall, only with her face down and @ss up like an ostrich.

“Y-you idiots, don’t be careless!”

“Says the coward who is hiding behind a girl, mutters MIKASA as she frowns upon this new form of chivalry among the current generation of youth.”

“You’re the one with the 3 meter anti-material shield. What else did you expect a non magic civilian would do at a time like this?”

“Throw his body into the enemy lines and draw their attention, snickers MIKASA as she hides her cruel laughter behind her hand.”


"...Wh...why are you staring so hard a-at my @ss, u-utters MIKASA as she sees you pulling something out from y-your pocket!"

"Oh nothing. I was curious whether or not a robot like you would be susceptible to a taser gun, point blank. Given your customized exterior and anti-everything body armor, you won't feel a thing, right? Let's test this hypothesis."

"W-wait! M-MIKASA is-is sorry fo-for laughing at how weak and pathetic you are! S-screeches MIKASA as she holds her precious @ss in her hands! D-don't touch me with that dangerous weapon! I-it will leave an ugly scar on the cheek th-that no amount of silicon paint or plastic surgery could repair! S-Says MIKASA as she begins to weep in absolute defeat."

Jack O’Donnell twisted his lips as he put away the taser back into his pocket. FYI, it ran out of battery long ago, and he keeps it as more of a 'warning' for people. Of course lovely M.I.K.A.S.A. doesn't need to know that small detail.

Like the boy mentioned, he wasn’t a magician, so he can’t help in terms of fighting. But he could clearly see there was this huge disadvantage where there were three parties fighting each other. This ALL_WORLD Group, Fairy Tail, and the leader of this Dragonheart Dark Guild. There were too many variables that could not be predicted, so it was impossible to truly calculate the winning ratio for Fairy Tail in this situation.

So there is only one thing left to be done.

“We’re useless right now.”


“Listen! We’re just dead weight to the veterans. Leave this battle to the higher ups. While we on the other hand focus on evacuating the city!”


Nessa Barren. If you are reading this, you would feel scared. The whole world around you was burning, badly. There is no stopping it. This isn’t a time where you could throw a bucket of water and then everything would be okay. This attack would continue until this city is conquered, or everyone is completely buried under the flames.

You already feel a sense of sickness in your stomach. Worse, you might have limitations in combat. You have showed much courage in your previous encounters, but this was beyond a simple hit and run-away strategy.

All out war… it was too much for you to handle with your two small hands.

That was why Jack O’Donnell thought best to truly use your full potential by helping those wounded and scared, just like you. Only you know what it means to survive and fight another day.

“I don’t know about you Potion Girl. But we’re running out of time. Until you make up your mind, I’ll be dragging you around. No exceptions. As for your brother… if he knows what he’s doing in a medical emergency then bring him in. I don’t care… Come on, you’re needed elsewhere.”

Nessa Baren. You might take a moment to look behind you. Amber Leonard, Falaranion Capolom, even Honolulu Coralheart and Geo Mancer were fighting, hard. Barbara Folklord tried to keep up, but she got knocked out like a duck hitting a window, hence why Jack O’Donnell carried her like a sack of potatoes to keep her out of trouble.

…This was a battle that you may not be ready yet… but that doesn’t mean you won’t grow up to be a brave and super powered warrior. One day, you will seek revenge for Fairy Tail… just like everyone else who carries the mark in their heart.




Soularous smiled" So your Falaranion, your kidding right?...Well I don't think we met, I'm Soularous Darkborn, but knowing Mavis she doesn't talk about the four cardinal slayers to anyone." He grinned and he threw a ball of acid at Falaranion. " It's great to meet a wizard that doesn't bore me."

"Like I give a damn who you are. Nobody is getting near my guildmates!"

Falaranion Capolom was a Shotgun. No joke. Being an Earth Based Dragon Slayer, his battle prowess would involve a lot of area of effect spells as well as terramorphing abilities. Over the time he had trained and worked for Fairy Tail, his magic had evolved.

From a one-off Dragon Breath, he was able to increase his abilities to cover compact earth around his arms, finger tips, and weaponize them in a blink of an eye. The ability to shape-shift active dirt into multiple form in quick success, could only be found in graduates of a certain My Hero Academy.

However, he didn’t graduate from such a school. Neither did he have a certificate.

He was a mother-father prodigy, like a certain man who created the first personal computers and a world wide social media website that showed faces around the globe.

This was Falaranion Capolom.

" Now I haven't had a fight like this in a long time! Come at me dragon slayer, I'll show you the true meaning of power!"

Soularous Darkborn. Ever since his first day in the world of Fiore, he had showed a lot of promise as a potential plot villain. Having absurd varieties of powers, his family tree being of half demon blood (…Ancestry.com?), and had major powers like dragon flight, elemental manipulation, regeneration, and nigh-immortality.


……..'That’s too much', a normal Mage would say! People would say it wasn't balanced where he gets all these flashy powers? How come he gets to be the charming Class President? How come he gets all the girls? How can he—Blah, blah, blah (courtesy of random whiner123)

It was true, the scale of battle could be tipped too much. Like weighing grains of salt by trying to counter balance it with a block of osmium…The most heaviest / densest metal known to mankind with a density of mass around 22 grams per cubic centimeter. Two times more than good old lead.

But we’re not here to talk about chemistry – cough. We’re here to talk about – is this absurd amount of abilities valid? Should he be given absolute right to have all of those Saint-Level magic in one body.

Answer: Yes


It’s because he has demon blood. He could do whatever he wants.


He can create elements out of nothing. He can have nigh-immortality. He can fly around with the speed of a Concord supersonic jet. Go ahead.


But he only has 10 minutes.


There is a saying that the human body, at best, could only use a maximum 20% of its energy. It could be the fact that once the body runs at 100% capacity for a long duration of time – the body rapidly deteriorates from the burning up internal resources and well…

…They would be like a Sockeye Salmon at the end of a spawn. Dead.

If a human body were to use multiple high level magic at once – autoheal, immortality, flying at supersonic speed, elemental manipulation – at most he would have 10 seconds to use them all at once. It’s really like using every ounce of electricity in the house to power your super computer’s multiple serve – a regular house voltage would blow out instantly

So he only had 10 minutes to use them ALL AT ONCE… unless he was clever and tried to use only one at a time. Of course, by the Charter of Human Rights and Freedom, he has full rights to do whatever he want with his magic.

At most, he only has a maximum of 10 minutes worth before his body goes into an epileptic shock…….. Alright, fine. He’s half demon, he’s got better endurance than most humans.

15 minutes tops… along with some symptoms of possible temporary impairment of vision, skin irritation from overload magic circuits, abdominal pains, and 10% of hysteria… Hard to say at this point.


"How about I keep you entertained for the moment." Fal muttered as he shot forward after the road piece, aiming to enter close quarter combat with whoever this dude was while taking in what Amber was shouting at him before she took Geo into combat with her.


As soon as Geo Mancer made a make shift dug-out fortification for Amber Leonard to work with, Falaranion Capolom reached down to pluck the little girl out of the hole she was swimming in. With a flick of his wrist, she tossed her petite body up to let her rest in his arms.

“…Uwa-uwa-uwa… H-his hands are grabbing me in se-sensitive places!”

Geo Mancer. It’s best that you try and develop a form of defensive structure for Falaranion Capolom. Even if Soularous Darkborn had only 15 minutes to use all of his high level magic at full capacity, it’s still 15 minutes. One wrong swing of a fist and the fight would end in under a second.


“U-uh-uh-uh. O-oh, I know!”

Geo Mancer clenched her body. Hands, eyes, teeth, even her small bottom. She concentrated super hard under all the screaming, rushing of magic projectiles, and the roar of a half-demon antagonist.

Whatever he had planned, seemed to be a super large struct—


(Italian: Holy sh*t!)

Falaranion Capolom, you fell into a ditch. It wasn’t like a trap hole laid out by ninjas or corrupt royal guards, no no no. Rather it looked like a large dug out formation, as if it was part of an archaeological expedition in uncovering a hidden pyramid in the sand.

Trenches formed, braced with impacted earth turning into bricks walls. Various criss-cross entrenchments were made all around, spreading across a 10 meter radius.

To Falaranion Capolom’s eyes, it looked like he was in a specially made dug out pit. To Soularous Darkborn who was floating in the air, viewing the entire changes under his feet… would see this.


It was an dug out formation of trench ways that resembled pointed stars. It was flanked with multiple holes that resemble liquid sand (injecting gas under a tub of sand). It wasn’t big enough to protect a royal castle, but it was enough to protect the Earth Dragon Slayer.

Piled around his feel were hundred and hundreds of premade globes of dirt. It was highly compact, as if trying to get every ounce of dirty into the form of a cannonball possible. They were all piled at the Dragon Slayer’s feet.

So if he had the creative mind of using his Dragon Breath as a rapid-firing dirt-based Flak Cannon, now was the time to experience that spark.


Yes, this was indeed an impressive build. Something that Soularous Darkborn could be impressed as it felt part to his powers.

…but she isn’t a half-blood to anything…she was just a regular little girl. So…

“…I…I have to do my best… I-I can’t let B-big B…brother down. I-I do best. Best-best… B-b-b”

Blood dripped from the corner of her eyes, her lips, her nose, her ears, and fresh open wounds across her arms and legs. She had concentrated too hard in forming this complex structure, she burst a majority of veins while initiating her power.

Not only was she covered in her own fresh and boiling blood, her lips repeated weird noises as if she was a record stuck on a phrase. If Falaranion Capolom touched her forehead his skin would have been scaled.

She pushed herself to 98%... because of that—


The little girl collapsed into the ground. Like a lifeless wooden board that could no longer stand on its haunches. The only response she give, was a small cloud of dust that fluttered around her fallen frame.

Nothing else.


Falaranion Capolom, there was nothing you could do. You’re not a doctor, and even if you were on par with a certain scarfaced Doctor who traveled around the world without a license – it’s not like Soularous Darkborn will give you the time to operate on her to save what little life she had left.

So there was only one thing you could do… roar with the pride and anger of a 4.4 cm Flugabwehrkanone Flak Cannon of 1945!


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