Titan Slayer (+MessageFromMod)

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Soularous fell to the ground, he started puking blood. Why? Well Soularous passed his limit, he been using his magic for 30 MINUTES! So yeah...... this is going to su- Soularous got up and his face covered in blood. (0-0) He popped his neck, " well this is new, 30 minutes, that's a record. Now I have to use my magic. He stomped the group and got ready to do a breath attack, " Fire Titan Road!" A white flame erupted from his mouth and engulf the area around Geo. It seemed lost, but the fire didn't harm her, it healed her? You see Titan Slayer magic can destroy and create. But at a cost, the magic chooses, not the user...... so it might back fire. ( hahaha puns.) Soularous groaned, " well crap, I need fire, I haven't used my magic in years." ( -_-) he ate the fire around him, then he looked at Fal," Now I'm ready dragon slayer, Get ready to face a titan."
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