(Sairento+RedSword) Two Plus Two, Blue On Blue

"Chaos... it's.... it's chaos."

Magnolia was swallowed in dreadful flames. No matter how many firefighters or volunteers were on the road outside, there wasn’t enough man power to quell the fire. Rather, the inferno was too violent for any man or woman alive to put it down. The only method to bringing down this beast of a blaze, would it be to transform into an armored dragon and have the holy knight St. George run his lance through its heart.

Unfortunately this wasn’t that kind of story nor folklore, there was nothing any mortal could do.

A certain man staggering in the street knew that too well.

Vapor stared up at the sky, his soldiers white eyes were the only fetures his dark and shadowy face had. And they were angry.

This was a war of guilds, he knew how much they meant, how far one could go if their guild was put to shame, but this? It wasn't worth this. Nothing should be worth this.

Fire and burned buildings surrounded the void mage, he stood in what would have been the city square hands in his pockets. He loved Magnolia. Had Just come back from a trip out of the kingdom, but to come back to this... It enraged him.


"All of this because of a stupid guild?!"


“Excuse me. This is a state of emergency. Make way please!”

The moment Vapor declared his own war on the fates that brought along this mess, a small bare foot stepped on his head. It wasn’t to silence him like the a noblemen quelling the rebellion within the peasant folk. Neither was it to shut him up for speaking out of turn.

It was a necessity to do so – like climbing across the steps of a staircase.


“Come Snow Fairy. We must make haste! We need to face our enemies and bring them down to their knees to keep this tragedy from continuing. I, the First Guild Master, will not tolerate anyone harming my family! Not one bit!”

Mavis Vermillion was a small girl, who looked like she was only 10 years old, but the wisdom in her eyes said so much more. She would usually be seen in a frilly dress like that of a true born fairy, however due to mysterious circumstances—cough—she was seen wearing a one piece swimsuit.

Before you teenage girls spiral into juvenile fantasy, this swimsuit wasn’t the type you would see on exotic models sitting around on the beach. It wasn’t a two piece, a three piece, micro, not even a slingshot.

It was the special kinds that Japanese students in highschool get to wear when they attend swimming classes in their own school building (#NationalBudgetJealousy). It even had Mavis’s name written in a foreign language like that of a real high school student.

Running close behind her was the Second Guild Master, Ansette Snow. She was often seen wearing this fluffy black dress with lots of layers and made from velvet like the skin of our couch. Again, due to mysterious circumstances she was wearing nothing – but a towel. It was like she just ran out of a sauna room only 10 minutes ago.

"And you need to calm down a little!”

“I would really wish we could hold tranquil negotiations over tea and pumpkin scones, but our new visitor have gone too far. Not only did they neglect to take off their shoes, they’ve bombed our entire front door… Don’t worry about me, I'm fine."

Even with Mavis Vermillion saying those critical words, she was smiling. She held a grin that said she had zero problem with the severity of the situation.

But please, look closer. In her eyes, there was the thunder cloud that would silence any cannons under its shadow. On her lips, she was hiding fangs strong enough to pierce through the iron will of a full fledged army. Her smile was filled with a new form of rage that only a frown could truly set off a flood that held no restraint.

In other words, this was beyond the pail… Mavis Vermillion tried to be very, VERY, calm about it.


“Snow Fairy… I’m mad. I don’t think I’ve ever been mad. Even when Zera picked on me when I was back on Tenrou Island many years ago, I never felt this sour, never this bitter. This feeling of wanting to grab whoever is responsible for this mess and punching her over and over and over until my hand goes numb or they stop moving… My heart hurts so badly, and I really want to unleash all this pain in my chest on to anyone who stands in my way.”

“……….."Whatever you decide…I'm with you,”

There was very little Ansette Snow could do at this point then say those words. She had seen Mavis Vermillion get p*ssed off, especially when the enemy were ever picking on her beloved Snow Fairy. If it were any of the Mages of the Fairy Tail Guild, she would kindly step in and Judo-flip the bully into submission. There was no need to be serious enough to traumatize them.

So seeing Mavis Vermillion smiling while she darted through the fire… it might have scared her… or, if she was that kind of person – excited her (#CuteWhenAngry).

"W-we need a change of clothes, the guild back in order…If we're going to war…we'll need to be at our absolute best."

“…Oh, why you’re right. There is no way my enemies would take me seriously in this highschool swimsuit. It would be very difficult to explain the previous procedure as how to obtained this battle costume in the first place.”

Cue Ansette Snow turning bright red.

“Then, a change is in order. ARMED!”


With a call, Mavis Vermillion spread open her arms and she was swallowed by a flow of bright light. It wrapped all over her body like magical ribbons and it shaped itself into a new form of clothing.

By the time the light dissolved from her, she was wearing a new costume. Ansette Snow, you would be shocked as you remember this peculiar character set before.

“Fu-fu-fu. It’s been a while since I’ve used this battle form, but given the situation – first impression as a fearless swashbuckling leader is a necessity!”

Long wavy blonde hair tied off into long pigtails, adorned with a black dress with white laces, and carrying what looked like a sword by her hip. With a slender hand, Mavis Vermillion pulled it out to reveal it as a short silver rapier.

“Quill Featherfall Mode – Transform!”

(OxO….*Clap Clap Clap*)

“This way, Snow Fairy, let us face our enemies head on. We shall savor the crushing of our enemies, see them driven before us, and the lamentation of all their women mages as they will be forced to join Fairy Tail!”

Unsure whether this was retaliation for what happened to the Guild, or a new marketing plan, Ansette Snow could feel herself being grabbed by the hand and towed into a new roads ahead of her.

The counterattack of Fairy Tail – had begun!


*Soldiers of Fortune, lift up your spirits with your beloved Poster Girl!*



“Thank you for saving me lovely lady, it is not every day I get saved and meet a lady like you.”

“You repeated the words ‘saved’ and ‘lady’ twice in the same sentence. I have concluded, you are trying to flirt with me.”

Many apologies Miss/Mr red_sword07—Er, Mr. Shane Whitestone. Nightmare Before, is not your average girl. No, she doesn’t have above average intelligence. She couldn’t beat a Sockeye Salmon, and they remember where their spawning ground is from one generation after another.

But she wasn’t entirely illiterate… kind of.

Everything seemed to slow around him as he focused on her eyes. He was not sure what to feel at that moment. This girl this lady saves him from death. His heart was pounding with excitement was it her or the conflict happening around him. “What is your name” he asks her softly still one inch from her face. Not even taking his eyes off hers. He opens his hand and three cards appearing in it he whispers “Roses” the cards melt in to tree red roses with gold trim on the outer edge of the roses. the Stem green with little thorns. “Accepted this token of gratitude little lady” as he raises the roses up next to her.


Shane Whitestone offered a kind gesture. Knowing he was rescued by a beautiful maiden, he thought it only fair to pay that respect in full with a bouqet of flowers. But since he used magical flowers that were transmutated from a series of cards – that would definitely increase his swoon points among the opposite gender.

Nightmare Before was definitely swooning.


Even with the buildings burning all around her, what troubled her most was the fresh scent of ‘living flowers’ that she inhaled into her lungs. It’s not that she hated flowered and prefer to carry around dead ones.

She was just allergic.


“What is your name”

“Hack…. Cough…N…Nightmare—BICHUUUU!”

Before. Her name was Nightmare Before.

“Sniff. Gugii… M…must find Pirate—Hackuuu! Run away from Dark Chan—bakuchuu! Sniff. D-drag her body back, a-alive or—PIKACHUUU!”

…Mein gott. That last one made this narrator start to breath heavily… a-and she’s a girl!! (OxO).

“Secure the area. Lock down all exits and blockade the roads. No one is to escape. Executre any or all Mage on sight!”


Nightmare Before tried to stumbled her way through the fire and flame. The smoke in the area filled the roads so it was hard to see where she was going. The moment she wafted aside a cloud of smoke she could se thos Lava-armored soldiers up ahead.


Shane Whitestone. You can see clearly that these soldier in crude black armor were setting up road blocks. They were drawing in large armored wagons on horses made of mobile obsidian, a form of Earth Elemental with an exotic rare metal base. They’ve set up weapon emplacement and attached it with a long tube that glowed an eerie grin all over the coils of the wire.

…A magic machine gun.

“La-li-le-le-lo. So trouble—NISEKOICHUUU!”

With a cute sneeze, a flurry of dead leaves and burnt ashes fluttered from the pouch of the girl’s side. It swirled around her arms like magical snakes and compressed itself into a solid form. With an advanced form of necromancy and alchemy, she was able to create a sharp looking halberd – one in each hand.

“Fe-fi-fo-fum. Shoot.”

Nightmare Before twisted the angle of her foot, which was enough to allow the burnt ashes under her feet to explode. It threw her into the air, to flip with her feet over her head first, before she dove down.

“Bishop to E5. Checkmate.”


The first halberd dove down to pierce through one of the Lava Soldier’s helmet. Something exploded from the back of the cranium, but to keep things down to PG-13 let’s say it looked like biological oil.

Next, a small and petite body went flipping around the stabbed halberd, like a pole, and it slashed through a few more soldiers nearby.

“…Enemy: 12. Weapon: rifle. Mindset: Cricket. I choose you.”


…Mr. Shane Whitestone. Sorry, this was Nightmare Before’s way of saying – it’s your turn now.


“We have no time—KARZCHUU! Break through line and—WHAMUCHUU! DOMUCHUU! GOOFUCHUU!”

…Break through the enemy line and keep on running… is what she was trying to say.


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