(Amb-X-Zen. K-I-S-S-I-N--GEGHHG!?) Three in a Pod, Don't Get Cut

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“…This is dragging on too long.”

In the burning city of Magnolia, invaded by wave after wave of soldiers in Black Armor that made them looking like marching magma beast and showered in dragon-headed rockets, the only sound that stood out was a pair of leather shoes tapping across the cobblestone.

Click, click, click.


The echo of metal-plated heels echoed between the roads covered in fire and smoke. A single man makes his way through the distorted air, wearing a black navy uniform, a black captain’s hat, and carried a cutlass in its sheath. He used the weapon more as walking cane than anything else.

“This is dragging on far too long… How could one city have this many roads. I honestly don’t understand how the denizens of this city could avoid getting lost on a daily basis.”

Nameless. It wasn’t the man’s name, but his real identity carried a title so boring and plain you’ll forget it once you hear it. So he prefer to call himself as something without a moniker. It was easier than being called Theodore Roosevelt Junior.

“…It stinks here.”

The man in the black navy uniform wafted his hand covered in a dark leather glove. It seemed the exhaust from burning wood and rocks did not sit well with him. In fact, it was making his stomach sicker and sicker the more he inhaled it. Even when he applied a small Air Filtration spell, there were too many particulates in the atmosphere for him to breathe in magically clean air.

By the time he walks out of this battle, he’s going to smell like smoke salmon. That was worse, as he hated feeling dirty.

“Fairies. Just how much damage do I need to deal in order to flush you out of your nests? Are you truly that heartless to leave these innocent to burn, in order to save your own wings? I wonder, if each and every one of you are even brave enough to face the me of today… Could it be, you only got lucky in defeating the me that was yesterday…Pitiful.”

Nameless stopped as a street light could no longer survive against the flame burning at its heel. It fell over, screeching all the while as its base twisted at the seems.

“=Book of Swords. Chapter 45. Page 315. Paragraph 3 – 10. Verse 9=”

The man pulled up his sword that he had been using as a cane the entire time. All he hand to do was pull it out from the scabbard by 9.5 inches – and that street light was sliced into 10 equal pieces. They all clattered across the cobblestone as if harmless marbles.


“… I won’t stop until I’ve dissected you and verified you all indeed have a human heart.”

“Are you two still snogging each other back there!? Th-this is totally not the right setting to have a romantic love comedy!”


By the time Nameless made that confused sound, a small foot kicked his hat off.


It seemed there was someone else in the road he was on. A girl wearing a deep green cloak with a pair of rising wings that displayed a sense of prideful liberty. Flying on magical ropes that launched itself like gas-propelled wires and cables, she continued to fly down the street – all the while towing two other girls in his wake.


“Is this really the right way to your Guild, Fairy Tail? Why does it take so many right turns just to find a place where you could simply walk straight. Honestly, why had the city not designed it so that any absent minded fellow could just wander straight up the front door.”

To be honest, the city was too lazy to renovate the entire landscape so that all the buildings and houses were organized in a way to expose one long road leading from the main city gates and directly to the Guild Hall itself.

This was rectified about three generations later, where a certain Gravity Smashing Mage who walks absent minded would always walk through houses with a smash without thinking.

*Note: You are glimpsing into the future*

Of course this was three generations before that era. So Roma Whitehorse just complained to herself. She launched another round of her Animated Rope into a pair of street lights along her path, and she heaved her body forward to compensate for the added weight ratio of a certain Cat-eared Mage and a Neck Biter.

“Hey, how are you two doing back there? I know you’re both going to have bruises around your belly, but it’s not like you’re going to get a private room to start showing them off to each other. Ha-ha-ha……………..Sh*t, th-they’re breathing heavily, d-did I inadvertently turned them on!?”

Holly Camelot and Esthe Thinzash were coming out of a closet they’ve never knew they had been hiding in. The matter of a simple bite to the neck to drink blood, seemed to activated a forbidden connection between the two girls. They could be exchanging shy glances, turning red whenever they spoke to each other, or even… having desires to jump to a saucy level in their new relationship (not really).


"What type of mage am I? My grandfather said I was special... All I remember is being taken care of by my mom, Neso. She was a massive blood red dragon who soon disappeared once I woke up from a nap.. But My grandfather found me and took care of me, but she's gone. Grandfather said told me she probably has a mission or something. Since he believed she was a mage like me. I can do a lot of cool magic things with my blood and sometimes other people's blood."

"I think I get the gist of it. And seeing how you can walk around in broad daylight, I don't think you're a vampire, right?"

“Hello! Fiore to budding roses! Fiore to budding roses! Wh-which turn do I make now to reach the guild? If either one of you say make another right turn, I’ll personally slap you.”

“……..Pick up my hat.”


Roma Whitehorse didn’t understand. By the time she heard that cold and isolated voice, her arms moved by themselves to hold up her two silver staffs.

It caught a powered slash of compressed magic energy from slicing her through the chest.



The shockwave of this magical blade spell that struck her snapped her rope. Losing balance and wires to swing her around, she and the cat girl and neck biter ended up crumbling across the ground.

Now think of an action movie, where the car is running at 200 km/hr, and the hero jumps out. There are no stun doubles or safety measures to reduce the physical pain they had received.


Roma Whitehorse gasped when she struck the road, her body rolling. She stil had enough consciousness to kick her feet to roll herself up, so the rest of ther falling energy forced her to slide backwards until the Newtonian forces dropped to zero from the friction.

She eyed down the road behind her, where her body felt that was the source of the attack that struck her. Somehow, she felt really cold when she saw this pair of glowing eyes shining from a silhouette marching through the flames.

“My hat… pick it up… and offer your life as your repentence.”

“…H-hey…D…do you know this guy?”

Holly Camelot, Esthe Zinthash. You both weren’t present during the Battle of Mayhem Light Guild. So it was obvious you’ve never been on their magic and science airship or crushed their entire guild sitting on a pencil-thing rock plateau. This is the first time you’ve seen Nameless.

But the moment he set his eyes on you, spotting Holly Camelot’s Fairy Tail symbol… his objective became clear.


“If I have to bleed one of their own to make that child properly face me… so be it. So, feline – offer me your neck.”

“Commence 58th Expedition Beyond the Wall! All Cables launch!”

Roma Whitehorse jumped in between Holly Camelot and Esthe Thinzash. She immediately tossed forward multiple coils of silver rope into the air to let them unravel. At her command, they came to life and shot out into different directions. Like flashlight to a mirror, they coiled around long surfaces as anchor points and ‘bounced’ from one light post to one mail box. It created a web like layer of silver rope, with their ends shooting directly at the sword attack with the ends like spears.

Nameless didn’t care.

“=Book of Swords. Chapter 100. Page 100. Paragraph 100. Verse 100.=”


Flashing lights as straight as lines flared into the air. Whatever silver rope had filled the streets, were diced into 100 equal pieces. They flailed across the ground, the same way a snake would the moment it lost its head, and then it fell limp to turn into regular lifeless rope.

“….Sh*t. Th-this guy… is too dangerous to fight one my own.”

“I don’t care who you are, or why you are here. Even if you are affiliate with another Guild outside of this city, I have no qualm in dragging you under my blade… So, apologize to my hat and let my blade accept your forgiveness.”

The Rope Girl flapped open her green cape, attaching a set oft two more spare ropes she had on her person. They were shorter in length and coil, possibly to make it easier to carry under her cape. She uttered a spell which allowed them to come to life, ready to shoot out and grab onto something to swing her around.

“… Hey, star-crossed lovers that would make Juliet give up Romeo to join you two…I can’t do this alone. My capabilities in battle are only effective if I work together in a team. There was no time to deploy a full platoon so I was sent here instead… “

With clenched teeth, Roma Whitehorse drew out both of her silver staffs and began to ignite the crystals at their ends, readying a spell.

“… I hope you could join me, and offer up your hearts for humanity.”

“I don’t like fighting brats with personal issues… they talk too much.”

Now, the Battle for Magnolia had truly begun.


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