Cornered By Darkness

His flames? Flames?! Kalo was so angry he could barely contain his rage. The second his feet hit the ground he bolted.

"I'm gonna find the bastard responsible for this..."

It almost seemed as if steam was shooting out of his mouth with every breath.




Anyway, on the other side of town.

Vapor was frozen stiff when he felt a small foot on his head. It was light, he felt as if a baby had just tried to Mario stomp him. And then, he saw two females leaping over his head. When he saw that head of flowing gold, he suspected her, but then she went on and spelled it out for him.

"I, the First Guild Master, will not tolerate anyone harming my family! Not one bit!”

It was as if those words were burned into his brain. He had doubts at first, but the longer he thought, the more it became indisputable. He watched her as her small frame disappeared into the distance. A guild master, with that hair, it could only mean one thing.

" M A V I S ! "

She was far, but not out of sight, he didn't have a whole lot of energy at the moment, but this wasn't an opportunity he could afford to let slip from his grasp, under any circumstances. He rasied his right arm, bracing with the left, and aimed for a collection of loose debris hanging over the two's path. With a breath, he collected the last of his current mana into his hand, and from his very core, he exclaimed, "VOID LANCE!"

A bolt of dark and volatile energy shot forward, colliding with the crumbling building before Mavis and Ansette. The duo barely had time to react as the path in front of them was suddenly blocked off.

"Mavis Vermillion,"

When the guild leader turned, there was nothing that stood there to challenge them. Or, at least, it seemed like nothing at first, but Mavis' perceptive eyes picked up the silhouette of a dark figure amongst darker shadows. And Vapor's cold eyes stared back at her.

"I would speak with you."

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