He Warned You

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Falaranion was awestruck at Geo’s voice in his arms. Usually she was quiet and shy, so the determination and power in her voice shocked him. The earth bent to her will and created something epic… But at what cost?

He gently laid Geo’s body down, ignoring the burning of his own skin as best he could while he heard Soularous drop to the ground behind him. Fal had no experience in the medical field and sure as hell wasn’t going to try to get into it now, so with all the sand and dirt around him now he simply covered Geo with some cool sand and hoped it would help her somewhat. He hoped she would be okay, that is until the fire showed up. He watched as it started eating at Geo’s wounds. He shot a look back at Soularous then whispered to Geo.

“Thank you. I’ll put good use to this stone. Rest, please.” He stood and ran a hand through his hair, taking in a deep breath.

"Now I'm ready dragon slayer, Get ready to face a titan."

“Get ready.. TO EAT SH*T!” Fal let his anger at this man wash over him, the pain he felt for Geo and felt his body flood with adrenaline. The skin on his arms turned dark, hardening into stone before like once before his face distorted, twisting and etching itself until sharp scales were visible along the sides of his face and under his eyes, as well as along his arms. A small ring of spikes sprouted between strands of hair on the top of Fal’s head, forming something that resembled a crown.

The ground around him responded to his thoughts as he took one more deep breath and slammed his hand against the ground.

“DRAGON SLAYER SECRET ART: GAIA’S BARRAGE!” Fal shouted. All around him formed dozens of cannons to match Geo’s hundreds of spheres of earth. It was like summoning a miniature army, only the cannons remained unarmed. Fal lifted his arm and stretched his hand toward Soularous as if he were trying to reach out to him, but it was apparent by the movement of the cannons he was simply taking aim. A port beneath the cannons opened on each of them and the orbs of earth were sucked in, only to be blasted forward toward Soularous a moment later all at once in multiple waves.

“Come, Titan Slayer! I’ll make you pay in full for Geo’s injuries!” Falaranion, the adrenaline high, Dragon Force-fueled Dragon Slayer, was going all in for this match.

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