Titan Slayer vs Dragon Slayer

Soularous popped his knuckles, His skin turned a bright silver, he dodged half of the attack, the other half he blocked, a small part of it hit him in the chest. He got up stomped his feet on the ground. " Titian's flaming sword!" He pulled out a giant sword of white flame from the fires of the attack and swung his sword at Fal. well funny thing about Titan slayer magic, it reads people's hearts, like fairy law, so when he attacks, what his heart actually is it will heal people he wants to heal, and destroy people he wants to heal. Soularous being a titan slayer, that breath attack he did, might seem to harm Geo at first.... but because she was a little girl, it healed her, why? Well, it seems Soularous isn't as evil as we thought, huh. Well when he attacked Fal, that wasn't the case, it hit Fal like it was a blow from an actual fire titan. So..... ow. Soularous hit Fal in the side and sent him flying........ Titan Slayers, damn.

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