The Skill I've Trained///WARNING

@Enderslayer: This is a warning. Please, refrain from godmodding.

Reasons for saying this:
-Making absolute movements, such as automatically landing hits on people or doing actions that should remain as attempts.
-Controlling other people's characters and forcing them to take actions that otherwise could've been avoided or made differently.

I appreciate enjoying a fight but stuff like this makes it unfair for both parties. In roleplay, especially fights, it's better to leave things as an attempt rather than an absolute. I'm willing to continue so long as things don't get out of hand, I'll continue from your last post but keep this in mind for the future.
Fal grimaced as Soularous's sword met his side. Idiot, should've grounded yourself. Fal scolded himself in his head and got sent airborne. Thankfully his hardened skin and adrenaline kept him from feeling the worst of the pain for now, but he still had to keep fighting this guy. So while he was in the air Fal stretched his hand out toward Soularous again and sent a second volley of earth at him. Fal's feet touched the ground again and he slammed his hands against the dirt.

"Earth Dragon Lances!" He shouted. The ground in front of him cracked as dozens of spears of earth shot out of the ground and launched themselves at Soularous along with the cannon fire. Once Fal had stopped sliding he sunk his legs into the earth and braced himself. Then he opened his mouth and the ground around him broke apart and flew into his mouth. Fal then proceeded to Bite the Dust (lol) until he was charged enough for one solid Dragon Roar.

"Earth Dragon Roar!" Fal charged his lungs then released all of his magic energy in a cyclone of earth and sand, blasting the well known Dragon Roar toward Soularous, hoping the combination of attacks would do some decent damage.

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