Return From the Grave

OOC: Hey guys! I don't know if this will do much, but I'd like to get back up and keep moving on this story. Hopefully you guys are able to continue soon.
Fal ran at Soularous to intercept his punch, but wasn't expecting a feint and got a point blank blast of Titan Breath Attack. His skin reflexively hardened into rock but he got sent flying back from the force of the attack. He dragged himself along the ground to a stop and glared at Soularous.

"This is going to be a bit harder than I hoped..." He thought.

Fal started gathering shattered stone around his arms and started swirling it around in a cone shape, creating a sort of drill. Then he charged at Soularous and cocked his fist back for a punch with the drill around it.

"Earth Dragon Drill Punch!" Fal shouted, imbuing the stone with magic power before punching at Soularous, the drill extending like a lance as it spiraled toward Soularous.

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