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Jason was angry. Not that he had lost because as far as he was concerned he hadn't. He was angry because he didn't kill his opponent. He always killed his opponent. Call it insanity or a mark of pride but nobody walked away from Asmodeus, no one.

No one except a little Japanese girl.

Her spirit magic had thrown him for a loop but he was excited to have an actual challenge for once. Then there was that explosion and he couldn't remember exactly what had happened*. Next thing he knew Opalfa was dragging him away from the burning antechamber of headquarters and his subordinates were either dead or in disarray.

The Silver Hand had infiltrated their base, made a fool of them, and escaped with the magical items their boss had just procured at great cost. Heads were going to roll for this but the usual patsies were all dead or dying; it feel on Jason now. If he didn't redeem the name of the Devils Pawns he was going to be killed as an example.

Perhaps that would worry a normal person more than a slight of pride but Jason was far from normal. Death meant nothing to him so being threatened had little to no effect. No this was all personal.

"Opalfa can you use our informant network to track down where those silver fucks went?"

Opalfa was Jason's right hand woman. His eyes and ears where he couldn't be and his knife where his enemies couldn't see.

"Already done. They retreated to Saint Margaret's Hospital on 15th.*"

Jason gave a devious smile.

"Excellent. Round up anyone that's still alive and have them get ready. We are going to do a raid on them while they are still wounded."

"I'll get right on it Jason."



Samuel and Edly had spent the entire infiltration ensuring that border patrols,, guardsmen, and outside reinforcements didn't reach their team on the inside. Many skirmishes had transpired with Edly's shock trooper zombies serving as their attack battery and Samuel's space magic serving as their mobility and defense.

Together they made short work of the small fries that they had stationed to defend their territory, perhaps because Samuel's defense was nigh impregnable with that level of magic or perhaps because Edly's necromancy was very tuned and her zombies well upkept.

Silver Hand's inner circle was not to trifled with.

Still the plan didn't go totally as planned and they had causalities. Whitney had been injured rather severely and both Anjou and Isabelle had sustained injuries from fighting*. Falling back to a hospital near Silver Hand territory they were currently undergoing emergency treatment. Samuel and Edly were in route but without a vehicle to transport them they had to rely almost exclusively on Samuel's space magic, a taxing endeavor to say the least.


"He's...away. He will return after our message. We overtook his mind to tell you that the Witch has escaped to a small island off the coast of Dragon City. Its name is Island of Tombs, and it is one large graveyard. But another challenge lies ahead. Over a dozen Malbeasts are inhabiting the sewers, and you must find where their bodies are being ready to be revived. Two days from now the Witch will revive them in a ceremony on that island."

"How do we kill the Malbeasts?"
"You can only kill them by decapitation. Anything else it can survive. I'm beginning to lose control over your friend's mind. My best"

Autumn moved to Solomon's side as he collapsed to the ground.

"What the hell just happened?"

"Your ghost friends just told us how to end this. We have two days."

Autumn was still a little pale from the possession or perhaps it was the mutilated bodies surrounding them. She couldn't tell but that wasn't important at the moment.

"First lets get out of here. Her henchmen are probably still surrounding us so we will need to find another way out."

She looked to her allies.

"Either one of you got any bright ideas?"


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