Malbeast- Ideas/ Scrolls: Impending Doom

"Either one of you got any bright ideas?"

Solomon and Tony looked at each other in nervousness and confusion. "I don't know," Tony said. "You're probably right about her henchman surrounding us as we speak, so I suppose we need to find a way out that doesn't involve us walking right out into their trap like lamb to the slaughter."

"So your idea is what?" Solomon asked.

"My idea is we find another way out of here." Gunshots fired from upstairs, and loud footsteps echoed. "I also recommend we do so as fast as we can."

"I can try and draw any local ghosts out while my energy can still do so."

Tony whipped around to face him. "No! You need to rest. We need you able to get the hell out of here with us."

Solomon shook his head. "Oh please, I'll be fine, trust me."

"That's what you say until-"

Three men charged down into the room where they were in, guns aimed to kill. "Never mind," Tony said. "Let's just get it over with."

Solomon's amulet glowed a radiant blue and began to hover above his chest. Tony and Autumn charged towards the guns as they began to fire.
Opalfa went into a large room, dozens of Devil's Pawns standing around, loading guns, sharpening knives and machetes, and some brewing potions and practicing various magic techniques.

"Here's what's going on," she said, "so listen up!'

Everyone turned to face her. "The Saint Margaret's Hospital on 15th, it has the people we want dead, and I hope we accomplish that. We roll out within the hour, so I suggest you be ready until then. Any further orders will be reported by me or Jason. Any questions?"

No one dared raise their hands. They knew what to do, and they were going to do it.

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