It's a secret

Arlarms screamed across the hallway speakers.

Crystal jumped up from underneath the blankets on the gurney. She turned around and looked at Cletus.

"Shit!" Cletus said... "They know were trying to escape, feel like running?"

Cletus grabbed Crystal by the hand and dragged her off the gurney. It was so fast her eyes opened in surprise as it felt as Cletus was pulling her entire body through the air as he ran. Finally her legs caught up and began to run along with him.

"You have to trust me on this one.. we are running past the front counter and through the front door." Crystal gasping for breath asked her question as they ran.
"I thought you said you had a secret exit?!"

They both ran towards a set of white hospital double doors. Cletus knew they weren't locked at this time of day. They had kept them open during the day hours to allow for visitors and deliveries, as well as drop off of the new patients. Cletus knew it was mainly because of Rex the security guard. He was too lazy to walk back up every time the buzzer went off. He wondered just for a second how good old Rex was doing at the moment.

"BARK BARK..." the yips coming from the patients doors were starting to fade. Rex lay on the floor still as a man walked up and stood next to his hunched over body. Rex could not help but notice what a nice pair of black shiny clean shoes the person was wearing. A nefarious deep voice started to speak.
"Rex my poor boy."
Rex perked up. He recognized the voice and fear struck him right away. He looked up in an apologetic stare as the man with the nice shoes began to speak.
"Tsk Tsk Tsk, you let that boy get to you again?"
Rex began to try and explain, but the man just said, "Hushhhh...It's okay Rex, that is what they call you now isn't it?" The man with the nice shoes reached down and lent an arm to help Rex up off the floor. Rex wiped the tears away from his face and tried to look at the man. "Sh sh shhhh... it's okay by boy. You can get through this, We can get through this.. I will help you, like I have always helped you."
Rex began to nod his head as the man continued to speak. "I will help you and you can help me."
Rex looked up and asked, "I can?"
"Yes" the man with the nice shoes said. "I will help you as long as you can bring that boy back to the hospital. Can you do that?"
Rex began to nod embarrsingly.
"Good, now forget about your duties for this afternoon. I want you to make sure you make it your only priority to bring Cletus back, and his accomplice. She is very important to me. Take the dogs if you must they like you the best anyway."
Rex's face lit up, he liked working with the hounds. He often would spend his break time sitting in the kennels and feeding them scraps from his lunch. Of course nobody knew about that, it was his secret.
"I won't let you down sir." Rex said.
"Good, now go before they get too far." The man with the nice shoes tapped him on the head and said "Good boy" and turned away.

Rex moved his large body in a waddle down the hall to chase after Cletus and Crystal. The man with the nice shoes listened to the quiet as he looked through each doorway window. Each patient that saw him cowered back towards the back of their cell. "MMmmm.... What should I do?" he said just loud enough for everyone on the floor to hear. "I will be back."
Each patient now listened in fear at the really nice shoes footsteps walked away down the hall.

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