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Summary: Okay, okay, okay. You guys ready for an awesome show? - DAKOTA!

Gemini False

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Gender: Female

Age: 19

Group: Magic Agents (Magic Protection Agency)

Nationality (Primary Nation)

New Zealand

Magic Power (Name and Style)

Sonic Channel

Uses Spells and Magic that involve various Sound Based Distortions as well as Ancient Shout Attacks. Uses a series of megaphone as her magical medium (tool). Notable Spell: DAKOTA - Sonic Burst Move


Always speaks with a Megaphone
Very loud
Reckless beyond imagination
Doesn't care about anything much (just get the job done)

Long Term and Short Term Goals

Long Term: Raise enough money to earn a Penthouse Suite

Short Term: Get married to a rich man

What do you hope to find in this game?

Not much. I heard the game's support cast were short-staffed, so I was call to fill in as a temp.

Any Suggestion or Questions?

I can blow sh*t up right?

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Image of Gemini False
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