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Summary: It's either stagnant or full-throttle, there's no in between. Not for me.

Andre Gail

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Gender: Male

Age: 17

Group: Magic Agents (Magic Protection Agency)

Nationality (Primary Nation)


Magic Power (Name and Style)

Uberblitz - The use of magic to enhance the body's ability to perform. In Andre's case, he can speed up and strengthen any part of his body by focusing magical energy into it, from his entire brain to his pinky toe.


Extremely stubborn and hardheaded.
Loves the rush of danger, which hasn't proved to be all that healthy.
Has a slight drug abuse problem.

Long Term and Short Term Goals

Long term - To find his father.

Short term - To be capable of using his power effectively without his drugs.

What do you hope to find in this game?

Action, camaraderie, and then more action.

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Image of Andre Gail
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