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Gender: Male

Age: 13

Group: New Eden (Dark Mage Organization) (STATUS: ???)

Nationality (Primary Nation)

In an orphanage in London

Magic Power (Name and Style)

Demonic surge: He can transform parts and his whole body into that of demons'
Hellfire: can control flames, but once he does the fire can only be put out by holy water.


Get exhausted after using Demonic surge. Hates being called a hybrid, and makes random mistakes like walking and suddenly falls on nothing. Also is always hungry.

Long Term and Short Term Goals

Long: To find his Demon farther and the truth about his human mother

Short: To get something to eat

What do you hope to find in this game?


Any Suggestion or Questions?

Can someone put my characters dad in here?

(Moon-Eye: I don't know what you mean... but Suuuure! (^v^)v)

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Image of Galan
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