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Summary: An assassin with an almost empty soul

Jack Gomez

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Gender: Male

Age: 19

Group: Magic Agents (Magic Protection Agency)

Nationality (Primary Nation)

Classified Project: Program Rebirth

Magic Power (Name and Style)

Uses two gun-like wands

Elemental Sight: Also known as Eyes of the Spirit among the Traditional Magicians in the 101 Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion, is a sensory ability that allows Jack to connect to the Information Dimension and identify the landscape down to every detail. Every person and object imprints their Eidos within the Information Dimension, and every system and type of magic projects Sequences onto the Eidos through it. Because of this, nothing can escape from Jack's Elemental Sight. Moreover, he can identify and examine each and every Eidos and Sequence and target them separately, irrespective of distance. It can be used to analyze any physical device or material at least down to the atomic level and his artificial MCA can dissect even the most secretive magic.

Decomposition: Is also known as Dissolution, Disintegration and "Demon Light". By itself, Decomposition can destroy/disamble areas, objects, or obliterate Sequences. With Elemental Sight, Jack can identify the design of any Eidos or Sequence, then by using Decomposition, he can break down that design or structure entirely or selectively choose bits and pieces. For information bodies, such as magic spells, he can disassemble the design or neutralize it by deleting just a portion. For physical objects, he can break them down into their constituent molecules, or even further into pure energy. If used on a person, the parts that form the human body, including skin, flesh, nerves, body fluids, bones, and cellular structures could be decomposed at a molecular level, leaving what appears to be dust and gas. This is one of the most difficult magic imaginable, able to directly interfere with the design information.

Regrowth: Also known as Restoration, is the opposite of Jack's Decomposition powers. Instead of breaking down an Eidos or Sequence, it can restore it. Coupled with Elemental Sight, Jack can "read" the structural information of any object up to 24 hours in the past and with Regrowth, he can restore anything--organic or inorganic--to any point in that time frame. This means that he can restore maimed or fatally injured people, including himself, to a state before they were injured. Unlike Decomposition, Regrowth is entirely unique to Jack.
Regrowth emits no detectable psions and activates/finishes so quickly that "it is beyond the speed of human cognition" and cannot be detected by the vast majority of Magicians. This skill is both passive (done automatically) and active (under conscious control). A requirement of the skill is that Jack must "read" all the information about the target he is trying to restore. Unfortunately, when trying to heal people, this means that Jack must "read" and then experience the recipient's pain times 150 in order to use Regrowth.

Combat Skills: A student of Kokonoe Yakumo, a famous ninjutsu user and someone who passes on traditional shinobi magic know-how. Due to this, he can handle multiple opponents at once and emerge unscathed. Jack's physical abilities surpass normal magicians, who usually just rely on magic to accelerate or fortify their bodies to prevent injuries. It is also thanks to his training that Jack can sense dangerous and hidden presences without relying on his unique magic, Elemental Sight.


Jack was part of a secret project to greatly increase the power of a Magic Agent and it worked....sort of. Jack can no longer perform simple spells and his make complicated spells is slow. However he can use his three powerful spells for assassination. Sadly it greatly reduced Jack's emotions to a handful. Though he does pretend to feel he is very empty inside and lives to serve the Agency. Feelings to him are almost a foreign thing to him.

Long Term and Short Term Goals

Jack has been reduced to a killing machine for the Agency. Still there is a part of him that wants to feel human again but it would take an amazing female to pull that off.

What do you hope to find in this game?

An interesting story for Jack to one day become human like again.

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None yet

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