This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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(Harry Potter Arcane meets James Bond Espionage)

Welcome to Magic Agents.

Save the world and the truth of Magic.

We hope you will enjoy your stay in ATLANTIS.




ICE RINK: Anthony Black, his daughter Scathach, Amber Goldsphere, Linda Schneider, Mirio Raiden, robot MADas, Goddess possessed Danielle La'Crow, Agitate Halation, and Gemini False are currently fighting WIRED HEAD, this beast like man who can throw objects 10 times his size. He resembles Atlas, the man who holds the world over his shoulder. (In the Mega Mall of Atlantis)


WINE POOL: Andre Gail, Alkeri Ra, and Angel of Destruction T.R.Z. (Therez) are currently in the same Mega Mall of Atlantis in the Indoor Water Park section. There, a woman in a golden BATH ROBE has turned all water into wine and uses her magic through them. She claims to be Dionysus, the Greek Mortal who ascended to godhood, because she (historically he) invented wine.


OBSERVATORY: Keli Jaffa that Golem Girl is on her own. With her ally, Osaka the Basilisk Woman down, she is left to face a new challenger, a woman who claims to be Tyche, the Goddess of Luck. Given her worn out state and singed metal arm, would she be able to survive the might of a so-called Goddess!?


FILM THEATER: BLUE WALRUS vs Seth Pendragon. An animal with the wisdom of a wise man challenges the descendant of King Arthur's line in a heated duel. But what is this? The entire world is against Seth, as gravity takes control over his body and dumps cr*p ton of invisible elephants on his shoulders! Will he be able to beat the science of mass and gravitational pull!?

((OOC @ Connor_Re:Apollo: Uwa-uwa-uwa. Y-you're right! Th-this Narrator is so sorry for being a complete failure! Sh-she will work hard and avoid making that mistake!))


RADIO STATION: This is far beyond the reaches of the Mega Mall. Outside, the criminal organization New Eden are putting their players onto the game board. Capricorn Wedlock the Curtain Reaper, Galan Ender the Demon, and FACE a rogue magician who specializes in manipulating the heart of a mask. They've captured and subdued one member from Ninth Section - called TRACK SUIT for now. A speed based magician, but paralyzed... not to mention his legs EATEN by Demon Galan!? But, turns out TRACK SUIT is god in composition so... a demon eating a god, would definitely cause bad stomachache.


IN-THE-SKY: A new Agent had been transfered to the war front. Jack Gomez from *CLASSIFIED INFORMATION* who works for the *CLASSIFIED INFORMATION* and has connections to *CLASSIFIED INFORMATION*. He is currently working with the head of the Magic Agent Q-Branch Magic Arms and Development department, Oasis Tempestland. They are on an Manta-Ray Shaped air Skiff and are trying to regroup with survivors. They happen to be flying over RADIO STATION.


Housekeeping Guidelines
(1) Please do not kill other player characters without permission
(2) Please do not Mind Control other player characters without permission
(3) Please have fun and share respect with other players

Magic exists, but it is kept a secret from the public. Magic Agents work in behind the scenes to regular magic-related crime or terrorism. Their job details include countering terrorism that involve the use of magic or will expose the truth of magic; intercept human trafficking involved in sacriligeous rituals; retrieve and annhilate illegal magic supplies and/or weapons that are being traded by organizations or hidden nations; and so on.

Technology is like our real world, set in some years ahead. Laptops the size of a palm, smartphones that could surf internet or play high-end online games, and pull out a drone from your backpack are available to both Non-Magicians and Magicians.

The story will take place on a floating city called ATLANTIS, several miles off the coast of Dubai and it has the ability to shift and sail towards different national coasts.

This is an independent city with its own governing system, which had stirred up a politic conflict with other nations, thus certain dark magic organization aim to annihilate or sabotage the city. The Magic Agents of different nations are sent to keep the status quo, if to make sure the criminal Magicians do not reveal the secret about Magic Existing.

Technology here is fairly advanced, where an all in one computer can be rolled out like a poster across a wall or table, or the production of android servants with Artificial Intelligence being available and serving the city.

Atmosphere?.... Think Hawaii on a Cruise Ship the size of the Vatican.

(A) A Magician must fight another Magician. The First Law of the Magic Oath is to not use Magic to harm the common folk, breaching it would flag you as a renegade.

(B) Non-Magicians could fight a Magician, but you need to be craft. Ever Magician had a weakness to their arcane formula and spell, you have a chance to exploit it with even guerilla tactics or ambush.

(C) Magicians must try to keep their magic powers and identity a secret, much like Double O Agents in the Bond Film.



You are free to create any form of magic you desire. The only restrictions are Mind Controlling Large amount of people in one go (require a diabolic ritual spell for that), Reviving the Dead (Necromany is fine to animals and plants, but controlling the human body is forbidden in the reality).

Magic powers are limited by range, and can be active within a 10 meter radius style. Sniper Spells are available, and certain Support Spells to boost their attack range.