Unexpected Consequences

“… Thank you. Mortal.”
And to show this Angel’s gratitude for reviving her body, she would bent down and—
--Kiss Seth Pendragon on the lips (O///O)
………………….. Please note, she was still sitting on his waist, hands on his chest, and dipped far down to look like something else.
Also, for the record, she was really eating off the last of the Pop-Tart pieces that fell on Seth Pendragon’s face.

Seth Pendragon lay on the ground in a bit of a daze. The girl sitting on top of him was rather small, such that he could easily lift her with one arm. But the ferocity of her "attack" had surprised him. He hadn't expected Pop-Tarts of all things to set off such a reaction.
Especially not one with so much power, he thought, the (sort of) kiss coming to mind.
"Of course. It's no trouble at all, m'lady." He replied graciously, giving the impression he had given a courtly bow despite the fact he was laying on the ground with her atop him.

….. K-Keli. I-I think we-we can get a better vie-view of the ci-city if we w-walk up to the 10-10th floor. Y-yes. A-a mall this big s-should surely have some kind of ob-observatory. I-I think it’s in the right side once we walk off the moving stairs. C-Come on! L-let’s go b-before the enemy finds us! Hurry!”

"Of course. Let's hurry. We must find out what is going on." Keli replied as she followed behind Osaka.
She too had an odd feeling as the Snake girl pulled her along. Unfortunately, she had no idea what it might be.
You see, Keli and her siblings had been created many thousand years ago by the mighty King Solomon to combat otherworldly threats. They were warriors, through and through, built to willingly sacrifice their lives to defeat their foes. Only Keli had survived and then she was stored away by her creator.
So while she was capable of things like love, she had no idea what it was beyond the dictionary definition.
And so, weird feelings and all, she followed Osaka up towards the tenth floor.

“I am St. Joan D’Arc, the Maiden of Orleans. I was called to this plane of existence from your ritual spell. So what is it you need of me?”
“I ask of you…Are you my summoner?”

Anthony Black looked at his wife in shock. This was nothing like what he had expected. His mind raced over the different spells they had all used.
Amber's spell. His own. Gemini's. Even, though he had only a vague understanding of Esper abilities, Agitate's power. And then his own prayer.
All of it worked together to summon the being before them.
"Yes, I am." He said, forcing his voice to remain calm. It wasn't easy. "Though, I called to you to help heal the body of your most devoted follower, not to summon you. She was badly hurt protecting her comrades from harm. We are weak from recent battle and lacked the strength do heal her on our own."
Scathach, who had been watching, confused by her mother's actions, walked up to Lady Joan and spoke. "You aren't my Mama. Why do you look like her? Where is she?"

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