A Goddess Before the Valkyrie!

(OOC holy crap, I didn't expect this turn of events! Is Danielle really gone, or did we screw up and put a Goddess's soul in her body? And Capricorn is back! I missed her!)

The moment Danielle sat up from her coma, Amber burst into tears! Yes, it worked, her ritual worked and it helped to revive Danielle altogether! it's also thanks to Gemini and Agitate, and of course Anthony's help, but she was so happy her own powers had any effect to call Danielle back!

"Hey, Danielle, it's me, Amber!" the girl wiped away her tears and hugged her. "I'm so glad you're alive!"

“I am St. Joan D’Arc, the Maiden of Orleans. I was called to this plane of existence from your ritual spell. So what is it you need of me?”
“I ask of you…Are you my summoner?”

Amber jumped when she heard Danielle's voice talk like that. What the hell, she doesn't talk this like. She doesn't even have that lovely accent anymore. When the Norse mage pulled apart from the French girl, she realized something was different about Danielle.

She looked like a robot of some sort, not at all the out going and bubbly woman she knew. She didn't even pick up or hug her own daughter! And why was she putting down her own husband. "Danielle? What's the matter. Hey, speak to me. Did I do something wrong? What do you mean Goddess?"

“… Little girl. Why do you cry? Who is it that you wish to mourn for?”

‘Danielle La’Crow’ would turn to her own daughter, and stare at her. The way she looked at her was not in disgust or hatred, good god now – that would be too cruel.

More like… confusion. As if to say – she’s cute, where did you get her from.

“There is no need for tears. You must carry the burden of the loss on your shoulder with pride, and move forward to see the future in their place... How else, was I able to bring down the English Banner and free my people...”

"Wait. Did you say, bring the English banner? St. Joan. Goddess," then it all clicked inside of Amber's mind and she gasped, "Are you telling me, you're actually the ghost of St. Joan d'Arc? THAT St. Joan in the Hundred Years War! No way!"

"You Dummkoff," the German girl shouted when she realized Amber's folly," You're ritual was imperfect! It was dangerous as it is, now look at the mistake you've commited!"

"Impossible, I know it's not wrong, so what happened!" Amber cried back, worried. Out of all of the rituals she knew, this one was the only type she could commit to memory, so there shouldn't be a mistake.

Scathach, who had been watching, confused by her mother's actions, walked up to Lady Joan and spoke. "You aren't my Mama. Why do you look like her? Where is she?"

"Hold it, scathach!" Amber called, grabbing onto the little girl. She hated to keep the daughter away from her mother, but Danielle felt different right now. She looked like the same Danielle who would snuggle Scathach and all, but there was something terribly wrong about the way she looked at everyone. "Don't rush it, let's see if Mama is playing a joke, okay."

"So uh, we weren't trying to turn her into a goddess, right? Or did I miss that part?"

"Of course not," Linda snapped, stepping into the group. "Rituals that summon gods require more energy, focus, and timing of the stars before it can be successful, and even so it requires many sacrifices," she paused after she added 'sacrifices' to her sentence and shrugged it off, "It might be because you've combined ALL of your healing and Ritual Spells that it caused something to go wrong, and JUST So happens to call a Goddess into this girl's body."

"So basically this was all for nothin'? Who's this St. Joan D'arc anyway? I never heard of a goddess that went by that name..."

MaDAS suddenly began to emit a sort of working sound, as if something inside of him was charging up. His eyes closed, blinked several times, and finally opened again.

"Joan D'arc, nicknamed "The Maid of Orléans", is considered a heroine of France for her role during the Lancastrian phase of the Hundred Years' War and was canonized as a Roman Catholic saint."

Andre stared at the android, processing what had just happened.

Linda turned from Andre and Madas, "That much is obvious. now, the problem is what do we do with her?" She pointed at the Danielle with the goddess spirit inside, "If she is hear, this mean the original soul is gone. A body can't hold two souls, and having a completely different one will cause a rejection (watched FMA to know this XP). This could be a problem, her body may be destroyed."

Amber hissed at Linda. She shouldn't have said that, not in front of Scathach or even Anthony! "What are you saying, just, keep quiet!" Linda huffed with a scowl and turned away, knowing she was right. And that made Amber, very, very scared.

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