“Victory or not, you deserve to hear my true name. That I will give you.”
The BLUE WALRUS spoke, as if about to being his grand autobiography with the gusto of Mark Twain.
“Apollo. The God of the Moon.”
The Greek God of the Moon. Moon. Gravity. Mass. Weights…….. oh… f**k.
“In the end, I wish you never drew your sword against us, the Ninth Section. I’m sorry.”
"Well, sh*t." Seth said as he struggled to remain standing.
A god. Or rather, another god. What was it with Atlantis and gods? They seemed to be on every bloody street corner.
"Apollo. Well, I guess I'm gonna have to go all out from the start, yeah?"
Forcing himself upright, he lifted the remains of Excalibur above his head.
"Awaken, Sword of Light. Heed the call of the High King."
A bright light enveloped the remains of his blade, leaving the blade whole as it faded.
And while he could still feel the oppressive weight, he was able to move far better than before. "Welcome back, old friend. Shall we dance?"
With a shout, the magic swordsman launched himself (only somewhat slowly) towards the moon god.

Jack held onto Oasis despite her complaints. He had no desire to fall off her skiff since it was only made for a single pilot. As they continued to fly he picked up a powerful energy wave and two lifeforms were in combat.....well more like one winning. Jack told Oasis he saw a human knight and what appeared to be a walrus with glasses. His scan could not identify color so he had no idea the walrus was actually blue in color which would raise a lot more questions. After learning from Oasis that the combatants were in the theater he asked her to fly over it. Oasis recognized the knight as Seth Pendragon and since he was in trouble with some kind of gravity effect Oasis ordered Jack to help him.

Jack then aimed his pistol at Seth which greatly concerned Oasis as he shot several rounds at the ceiling over Seth's head. To Oasis's surprise the blasts from Jack's gun reduced the ceiling to dust leaving Seth visible. Then Jack fired at Seth again and the gravity effect canceled out leaving Seth free from its effects. Using Decomposition Magic, after identifying the design of any Eidos, Magic Sequence, or object, Jack can decompose the design. For physical objects, he can translate the physical object into signals, and then erase the base design at his leisure, breaking the inter-molecular bonds and so decomposing or disintegrating the target. For an information body (Magic Sequences), he can directly disassemble the design. Therefore, if used on a person, the parts that form the human body, including skin, flesh, nerves, body fluids, bones, and cellular structures are decomposed at a molecular level. However in this case Jack shot the energy effect on Seth and dispersed it. Then Jack fired several oscillating Psion waves to make the Walrus seasick. Since he was unfamiliar with the Walrus physiology he didn't know what kind of effect it would have. After that Jack had Oasis pull up to let Seth finish his fight.


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