Recovery, For A Brief Moment

Anthony Black sighed as he looked down at the goddess Circe. What exactly they were going to do now with a captive goddess, he didn't know.
"We need to find a place to keep her." He said, looking at the others. "And for you to rest." Not to mention get some clothes, he thought to himself. He looked around, searching for a building that was even partially standing.
Meanwhile, Scathach walked up to Danielle and Joan and grabbed their hands. "That was really cool Mama!" She paused and looked shyly at Lady Joan. "You were cool too, Auntie Joan." She gave a bright smile as she tried to pass on mana to them like she had to Tony. It was harder, so she could only pass on a small amount, but hopefully it would ease their fatigue a bit.
"There." Tony said suddenly, pointing to the remains of a nearby general store. It was small and had, somehow or another, avoided major damage. And from the looks of it, it should have clothes, food, and a place to rest for a couple of hours. "I'll carry...." He stopped and looked at Circe and her current......situation. "Maybe you girls can carry her."

Seth Pendragon was in a dangerous situation. On one hand, his code as a knight and king required him to be chivalrous. On the other hand....... he was a young man.

That thought was put on hold however, by the revelations coming from Selene.
Truly it was a harsh situation for the Greek Gods. A battle of survival, which was always desperate and brutal.

“So here’s my plan. We hijack a plane, go in full throttle to where ever the Greek goons are coming from, jump off the plane, go in guns blazing, Rambo through their front lines, kick the @ss of their middle lines, and then beat the cr*p out of their big boss. All in favor, say ‘ooh rah!’”

Seth chuckled. A very....American idea. If he recalled correctly, such tactics were known as "Shock and Awe". Quite effective too, so worth considering.

“Hmm. Let us go that way.”

And so the group followed Oasis Tempestland into the city towards......

Keli woke up suddenly. She had fallen deep into magic depletion, very nearly reverting back to her original stone form. Her mind was fading slowly as she thought to herself, somewhat sadly, that this adventure had been fun.
Suddenly though, a warmth began to spread, starting from.....her lips? It started there and spread down her throat and into her stomach.
It would be wise to note at this point that the extreme care with which Osaka had administered the potion was somewhat pointless. As a golem built by one of the most powerful sorcerers to ever live, King Solomon, Keli was immune to things like drowning or infections. Simply dumping it down her throat would have sufficed.
She blinked, looking at Osaka, who was panicking after being caught lips-to-lips by Oasis and the others.
"Oh. Hello again. It seems we are making a habit of this." Keli said with a smile. She was extremely grateful of this Basilisk girl, who had twice now saved her. She pressed her hand to her lips. "Thank you."
Turning her head, while still lying across Osaka's 'lap', she saw the others. "Greetings, friends. It is good to see you survived in this mess."

Seth, who was staring slightly at the highly unusual sight before him (it's not every day you walk in on a basilisk reviving a golem using mouth-to-mouth potion transfer), coughed slightly and nodded. "R-right. Glad you're alive. Though you look a bit worse for the wear."
Keli nodded, holding up her new metal arm. "Yes, well, things have been a bit rough over here. Care to introduce your new friends?"

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