Cool Hand Jack

“…Oh don’t mind me, little one. Please continue. Oh-ho-ho. *Click* *Click*.”

Oasis Tempestland. By some means and manner, her team were able to traverse the ruined landscape and link up with Keli Jaff’s group consisting of Holly Camelot, Iromu Kokonoe, and Osaka.

The way she entered, was like you opening the door to your home after work only to see two young ladies lying on top of each other on the couch in your room. You stare at them, they stare at you. A never ending circle of awkward silence would begin. Osaka was conducting a delicate medical procedure, involving putting her mouth and tongue into Keli Jaffa’s oral cavity to infuse the healing potion…

…If you were not a medical professional – this was no better than a hot kiss.

“Geegbbggff—*Pop* Buwaaah! W-wait, *slurp* I-I can explain! Cough Cough.”

“Fear not, my dear. This Quartermaster wholeheartedly understanding. It’s well into Spring and Mating Season is around the corner. You should strike while the iron is hot as the level of fecundity is still high up there.”


“Ah. Where is that button on the phone where you can record vid—Oh! Found it. Oh-ho. It even has high-definition!”


Caught red lipped--handed, sorry (cough). The moment Osaka finished pouring the rest of the potion into Keli, she popped her lips away to try and save what little pride she had left. Connected between them was a lovely strand of saliv—


“Done. Posted to my Facelook. Oh my, this is the first time I’ve got over 1000 views. I usually get negative 5.”


… While this is all happening, surely Keli Jaffa would be awake by now. Hope you like the aftertaste of a Basilisk

Jack looked at Osaka blush red as she tried to explain her situation to Tempest. He did find the situation amusing and wondered if he could but in without sending the poor snake girl over the edge like Tempest was doing.

Jack: Looks like your efforts to save your partner worked out. Using mouth to mouth to give her a potion was smart thinking. Granted you are embarrassed by it, at least be grateful you were giving her a magical suppository when we arrived.

Keli woke up suddenly. She had fallen deep into magic depletion, very nearly reverting back to her original stone form. Her mind was fading slowly as she thought to herself, somewhat sadly, that this adventure had been fun.
Suddenly though, a warmth began to spread, starting from.....her lips? It started there and spread down her throat and into her stomach.
It would be wise to note at this point that the extreme care with which Osaka had administered the potion was somewhat pointless. As a golem built by one of the most powerful sorcerers to ever live, King Solomon, Keli was immune to things like drowning or infections. Simply dumping it down her throat would have sufficed.
She blinked, looking at Osaka, who was panicking after being caught lips-to-lips by Oasis and the others.
"Oh. Hello again. It seems we are making a habit of this." Keli said with a smile. She was extremely grateful of this Basilisk girl, who had twice now saved her. She pressed her hand to her lips. "Thank you."
Turning her head, while still lying across Osaka's 'lap', she saw the others. "Greetings, friends. It is good to see you survived in this mess."

Seth, who was staring slightly at the highly unusual sight before him (it's not every day you walk in on a basilisk reviving a golem using mouth-to-mouth potion transfer), coughed slightly and nodded. "R-right. Glad you're alive. Though you look a bit worse for the wear."
Keli nodded, holding up her new metal arm. "Yes, well, things have been a bit rough over here. Care to introduce your new friends?"

Jack gave a slight grin as he let it sink in and made Osaka blush even more. Jack then looked around to see who was new and had Tempest introduce the new faces to him so he didn't call them "Hey You".

Jack: So ladies as you can see a few of us are in bad shape after defeating the false gods so we need to continue to find others and increase our numbers. I can restore the damage to the body, but the damage to the mind and mana are a different situation for me. I have been mapping our travels as we moved on so I can tell you where we have been and fought, but as you know we still have a lot of territory to cover. If you know how to find the others it will be a great help. If not we will just need to move blindly till we get lucky. Any suggestions?


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