OOC - Welcome to Magic Agents Niki Haruno!

Hello Niki Haruno and Welcome to Magic Agents, an adventure of magic, espionage, and adventure (kind of).

I apologize, as this terrible Bunny Narrator will be occupied with life for a week, so I won't be able to respond properly to everyone's posts until then.

So, so sorry. Just when you hopped into an pivotal moment of the whole conflict! (>x<).

Feel free to make an introductory post for your character. Right now, ATLANTIS is an artificial floating island in the sea (you know, this type). All engines are lost and it's drifting towards an area of strong currents that could ruin the ship/city.

There are no other people you see, other than surviving Magic Agents and the enemy the Ninth Section (Greek God based). They are currently scattered across the map and in combat. Some major locations to think about are:

The ATLANTIS Mega Mall (Team Amber), Solar Panel Generator District (Team Keli x Team Jack/Seth/Alkeri), ATLANTIS National Library (Team Anthony), Radio Station (Team Ghost merge with Team Galan).

Sorry for the delay. Hopefully I would be able to respond properly to everyone's hard work!

Keep fighting Magic Agents!


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