Mirio's back boiz!

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Amber Goldsphere, Mirio Raiden, Linda Schneider, you all flinch. As much as you had all planned on delivering the hardest punch you have to this one large lumbering foe, deep down, you feel bad for what had just happened.

Mirio's body would tense up from the loud bang the cannon made with Wirehead's head (Lol) She felt Amber's body crash into her, making her blackout for a little bit. She looked up at Amber and patted her back. "Hey.. Are you alright?" Before getting up and back on her feet, She had to make sure Amber was okay. She smiled, but was interrupted by some talking about beating up a child?

“Haaaaah? Are you telling me this whole time the ugly son of a b*tch was actually this puny kid…..F**k it, let’s beat the cr*p out of him!”

Mirio would stand back up after helping Amber up to seeing a sea of gross stuff. "Ew.. What in the world is going on?" She saw two hot ladies stomping at kid, So she quickly rushed over even if she was injured by the impact. "Hey! Stop that." Mirio would swat away the girls and groan in slight pain. Her ears were ringing from the cannon fire and her head was spinning, but still she has to help the poor dude.

The level of attractiveness, sex appeal, and straight out hot level… was enough to make Amber Goldsphere and Mirio Raiden’s heart skip a long beat. Even Gemini False and Agitate Halation, were drooling like dogs to a bone.


“Hey! Th-that’s not a fair fight, megaphone b*tch! I-I demand a rematch! A rematch!”

…Miss Amber Goldsphere… Miss Mirio Raiden… what do you do? At this point in time, you have this strong urge to just reach out and touch this man’s abs.

Mirio's face became flushed once she saw the man was completely naked. She tossed her jacket over the man's junk and rubbed her face, trying to hide the fact she is blushing. She then asian squatted to poke his cheek to see if he will wake up. "Hey, Kid. You alright?" Mirio spoke, trying to regain her composure.

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